Corporate Social Responsibility

BCA has been wholeheartedly present in and growing with the community for more than 60 years, providing safe, convenient and reliable banking services for our customers. BCA continues to work hard in order to better understand the demands of our customers and to provide the best solutions for all necessities, so as to evolve

together with our customers.

BCA operates its business by always adhering to the norms and the rules that apply in every line of business. BCA is also actively engaged in social development, environmental preservation and is one of the founding pioneers in implementing sustainable governance in the Indonesian banking industry.

With its vision of developing the very best products for the people and a reputation as the Bank they can fully rely on, working as an important pillar of the Indonesian economy BCA will continue to be wholeheartedly present and grow with the community in order to provide the maximum benefits and to inspire all stakeholders.

Labour, Health and Work Safety Practices

BCA HR plays an important role in the performance and achievements of the company. Therefore, BCA always pays special attention to human resource management.

BCA is committed to the continuous development of human resources in order to improve competence, career prospects and welfare of employees. This is expected to increase the comfort and pride of BCA employees. BCA also strives to provide protection for all employees in the work environment.

BCA juga berupaya untuk memberikan perlindungan bagi seluruh karyawan di lingkungan kerja.

Sustainability Performance: Social – Employment

Sustainability Programs: Labour, Health and Work Safety Practices

Responsibility in Developing Sustainable Financial Products and Services

As an agent of trust, the Bank has inherent risks in providing its products and services to the community. The ongoing growth of technology that goes together with the increasingly diverse range of banking products, multiplies the risk exposure to financial products and services abuse that decreases the trust of stakeholders.

As a firm that relies on the trust of the people, BCA must manage its business in a transparent manner as a part of the Risk and Reputation Management. With a high level of trust, the Bank’s customers and community will continue deposit funds and use the banking services provided. So, the Bank will continue to be able to distribute the aforementioned funds to move the nation’s economy.

Responsibility in Developing Sustainable Financial Products and Services

Sustainability Programs: Responsibility to Consumers


BCA strives to play a role in environmental conservation. One way the Bank commits to this is through managing its operations in a more environmentally friendly manner. This includes implementing energy saving practices, which are expected to contribute significantly to the overall effort.

In addition, BCA actively cooperates with institutions that are competent in handling environmental issues.

Sustainability Performance: Environmental

Sustainability Programs: Financial and Environmental Sustainability

Social and Community Development

To realize the vision of becoming the bank of choice and a major pillar of the Indonesian economy, and to provide the very best financial services to all Indonesian customers, BCA is firmly committed to keep and enhance the trust of the community, customers, business partners and regulators.

Sustainability Performance: Social

Sustainability Programs: Social and Community Development

Expenses Amount
Environmental     1.117.803.077
Social and Community Development 104.443.182.759
TOTAL 105.560.985.836

BCA Smart Solution

Solusi Cerdas BCA

Education is a major factor in developing superior human resources that contributes to the advancement and development of Indonesia. Since 1996, BCA has developed CSR programs in the field of education, the BCA Smart Solution program, by providing support for education, particularly for those who are not financially capable.

BCA Smart Solution is designed to build synergy with the business, including for recruiting talented staff for the Bank.

BCA Smart Solutions program is developed on an ongoing basis, among other things:

This program is dedicated to good-achievement Bachelor students with financial constraints
BCA actively creates and publishes materials about BCA banking solution education on many media
BCA’s high concern on education is reflected on supporting tools provision
Bakti BCA Internship program is designed for high school and bachelor graduates who have passion in banking industry
This non-degree accounting course will deliver on-job training in BCA workplace to its students
This is non-degree bachelor-equal IT course, free-of-charge and targeted to high school graduates.
BCA commits to develop education quality and to support school infrastructures with School Fostering program

Solusi Sinergi BCA

Solusi Sinergi BCA

BCA Synergy Solution is BCA’s way to contribute in developing culture, healthcare, the environment, sports and disaster relief programs to the public. To implement the Bakti BCA program within this pillar, BCA works together with credible and competent institutions in accordance with the program’s nature and purposes.

We take an active in the preservation and development of national culture

We active give donate for people, specially at around branches office BCA, which having disaster/natural disaster 

CSR program in health sector is the development of affordable healthcare for  the underprivileged

Environment living management is one way to maintain natural ecosystems and reduce damages

With PBSI (Persatuan Bulutangkis Seluruh Indonesia) to organized a badminton competition of international level

BCA Quality Business Solutions

Solusi Bisnis Unggul BCA

Community empowerment aims to create an environment whereby individuals can grow and progress independently. BCA supports community empowerment through the BCA Excellent Business Solution program. This program was developed in line with BCA’s excellence in banking solution.

Tourism Entepreneurship group is a community which was initiated by Bejiharjo village Youth
LPB Mitra Bersama management is also actively working with educational institutions , local governments