• Corporate Social Reponsibility

    Through corporate social responsibility activities, BCA supports sustainable development goals and the implementation of sustainable finance.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Through corporate social responsibility activities, BCA supports sustainable development goals and the implementation of sustainable finance.
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities represent BCA’s commitment to its stakeholder and the environment. In doing so we add value for our stakeholders, in line with one mission and our CSR initiatives to support sustainable development goals (SDGs) and sustainable finance programs.

Corporate Social Responsibility Related to Employment, Occupational Health and Safety Practices

Human resources (HR) has a significant role to play in influencing company performance. BCA is committed to focusing on the welfare and career development of employees, including creating a healthy, safe and comfortable work environment (occupational health and safety/OHS)

BCA employs a comprehensive staffing policy. This includes: transparency of information for employees, implementation of the Collective Labor Agreement (CLA), personal and career development, equal employment opportunities, and compensation and benefits programs.

Corporate Social Responsibility Related to Employment, Occupational Health and Safety Practices

Responsibility in Developing Sustainable Financial Products and Services

In 2019, BCA began developing a distinctive sustainable finance vision and mission, established an Environment Sustainability Governance (ESG) Sub-Division, as well as implementing a Sustainable Finance Action Plan (SFAP/RAKB). These activities represent a new and exciting phase in a journey that brings all its stakeholders together, successfully contributing to Indonesia's future growth and sustained development.

New Journey Towards Sustainable Finance

Towards Sustainability through Excellent Service and Digitalization

Corporate Social Responsibilities for the Environment

BCA, as one of the largest national private banks in Indonesia, actively promotes effort to preserve the environment. This is part of commitment to and support for reducing global warming. BCA employs policies that promote environmental preservation, including the application of energy management in offices and branches.

Environmental preservation efforts are also carried out by actively involving BCA employee in the process. BCA continuously conducts education through internal communication media.

BCA provides financing to several projects that comply with regulations and encompass environmental, social and governance perspectives. This is in accordance with OJK regulations on sustainable finance and SDGs achievements.

Corporate Social Responsibilities for the Environment

Corporate Social Responsibility in Social and Community Development

BCA has developed its Bakti BCA corporate social responsibility (CSR) program, to empower communities. Bakti BCA was developed to contribute to uplifting people's welfare, as well as improve environmental conditions with other activities that also support SDG.

Bakti BCA is implemented through three pillars: Solusi Cerdas (Smart Solutions), Solusi Sinergi (Synergy Solutions).

Beasiswa Bakti BCA

Source: PT Bank Central Asia Tbk, Laporan Tahunan 2019: Navigating Change, (Jakarta: BCA, 2020), p. 585.

BCA Smart Solution

Solusi Cerdas BCA

Education is the main tool in developing quality human resources. Therefore, BCA continues to develop CSR programs that improve education for the community. This program is developed for the long term through the Smart Solutions pillar under Bakti BCA.

Smart Solutions focuses on providing educational support for people with financial constraints. It also focuses on improving education in low-income areas by supporting an education equality program. Programs that have so far been carried out include:

This program is designed for bachelor's degree (S1) students who perform academically but have financial constraints.

BCA implements a number of programs that strive to improve the literacy index and financial inclusion of the Indonesian people.

BCA actively cooperates with educational institutions and universities across Indonesia, to support the development of Indonesian education.

This program is designed for high school and bachelor graduates to be equipped and trained in banking operations.

This program is designed for high school, vocational or equivalent graduates to study accounting for 30 months.

This program is designed for high school, vocational, or equivalent graduates who are interested in the IT field.

BCA provides assistance in the form of facilities and infrastructure construction, as well as training for teachers.

BCA Synergy Solutions

Solusi Sinergi BCA

Synergy Solutions is a pillar of Bakti BCA that supports community development in the fields of culture, health, environment and empathy across Indonesia. BCA synergizes with institutions that have competence and credibility in their respective fields when organizing the program. The program includes:

BCA has been actively developing the "BCA for Indonesian Wayang" program, targeted to young people.

The empathy program comprises aid for people affected by natural disasters.

BCA's concern for the community is reflected in its provision of health care facilities.

BCA has also contributed to the Indonesia's fauna preservation and biodiversity conservation.

BCA Quality Business Solutions

Solusi Bisnis Unggul BCA

Excellence Business Solutions (Solusi Bisnis Unggul) is a community empowerment program based on economic activities, specifically for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), rural communities, and community/community empowerment groups.

One of the objectives of the program is to open up business opportunities and create jobs for the local community. Since 2013, it has been implemented through partnerships with communities in several regions. In the future, the communities are expected to become independent and able to support the development of the national economy in the long run.

To the end of 2019, partnerships program with communities included:

A public empowerment program to enhance economic capability of MSME, villagers, and public/community.