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BCA Twitter Account Terms of Use

PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA) has various ways of managing its communication. These include through BCA Twitter Account. BCA makes communication for several purposes, such as, making its activities informed to the local community and as information services to the public and twitter users.

BCA Twitter Account is in the public domain. It means that the public and twitter users can see all the information (tweets) available on BCA Twitter Account and, conversely, all people can see the tweets you post on BCA Twitter Account and the contents you post can be displayed on the search engines (like Google or Yahoo) unless you protect your twitter account through twitter account setting.

In posting any tweet that relates to BCA, we advise you as follow:

  • Use polite words and have respect for others.
  • The content you tweet is your original work and avoid any content which contains fraud or other illegal elements
  • Never upload any tweet which is the work of others or which infringes the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) of others unless you have obtained consent to do so.
  • Never upload any tweet that is personal and secret in nature. Never upload any tweet that contains personal and secret information.

You are fully responsible for any consequences which may arise from the uploading of your tweets on BCA Tweet Account.
If you are a BCA customer and have some specific questions to ask related to BCA products and/or banking services, please address your questions through BCA Twitter Account at @HaloBCA or by email to

The BCA Twitter Account is fully managed and monitored by BCA.

For further information on BCA Twitter Account, please read below:

General Terms
The BCA Twitter Account is managed and handled openly. This means that the public or twitter users may interact or communicate through BCA Twitter Account. Therefore, BCA is not responsible for any information not tweeted by BCA from BCA Twitter Account.

BCA is authorized to stop information or un-follow the account if, in the specific judgment of BCA, the information displayed on BCA Twitter Account does not correspond with the mission and purposes of BCA Twitter Account or violates the internal policies of BCA.

BCA is present in various social media / networks and is authorized at any time to identify and/or give response to the public or twitter users requiring information and/or banking solutions of BCA. For that purpose, BCA may provide the information and/or offer the solution to the public through other social media accounts of BCA or its other means of communication to promote effectiveness in communication.

BCA is entitled to delete every comment or posting that is deemed, among others:

  • not suitable to the topic of discussion
  • negative/not true about BCA or BCA's competitors
  • Similar to the one posted by the same user.

Interaction with BCA on Twitter
BCA manages and monitors its BCA Twitter Account. BCA actively and continuously monitors all BCA-related information posted by the public or twitter users through BCA Twitter Account. BCA might not always give response to any information posted on BCA Twitter Account.

We suggest that twitter account users should not in any manner disclose any financial information on BCA Twitter Account. BCA will never ask for twitter account information, password or PIN (Personal Identification Number) through BCA Twitter Account or other means of communication. BCA is not responsible for any change in the personal information or security policy of Twitter. For further information on Twitter’s policy, please click this link

BCA advises that you do not click the links provided by other twitter users because such links may harm your computer or take you to inappropriate websites.

If you want to report any fraud or other criminal act relating to transactions through BCA, you may notify it by email to or call HaloBCA at 1500888.

Management of BCA Twitter Account
BCA always provides the best banking services to its customers. BCA understands that you have various needs for banking information. Therefore, BCA has various twitter accounts to provide information based on your needs. You can interact with the following BCA Twitter Accounts and select which one suits your needs.

Link to Third Parties
BCA may display tweet or retweet including but not limited to link to the website of any third party or third party product, which in the opinion of BCA may provide useful recommendations for you. The said recommendation is not an official endorsement of BCA to any individuals, website or company.

Policy on Privacy and Security of Your Data
As you may have known that is controlled by Twitter and has its own website policy, including Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions for Use of Twitter applicable to your use of Twitter account.

With your visit of BCA Twitter Account, you are bound by and subject to the Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions and Terms of Use of BCA Twitter Account.

To protect your personal data and personal data of others you are advised to not post any personal information, including account numbers, telephone number or email addresses in the content. BCA is authorized to delete any contents which, according to BCA, are personal in nature.

Policy on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
The Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) policy in the activities on BCA Twitter Account is as follow:

  • Do not infringe any copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret, or other Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) of others, or any publication rights or privacy of others.
  • By uploading a tweet including photos, videos, ideas, marketing materials (ads) or other forms on BCA Twitter Account, you guarantee that you are the holder of the copyright to the tweet and you agree to the consistent use of the tweet in accordance with the agreed purposes and terms of use.
By uploading a tweet, including photos, videos, ideas, marketing materials and ads or other forms on BCA Twitter Account, you hereby give BCA power and authority to retweet, redisplay or redistribute it in any manner and by any means whatsoever.