Through Kaskus account, PT Bank Central Asia Tbk will present you interesting information.

Kaskus BCA User Manual

PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA) has various means of communication management, one of which is through BCA Kaskus Account. The purpose of establishing the communication is, among others, to provide information on BCA activities to a local community as well as Kaskus community or users. 

BCA Kaskus Account is intended for public access, which means that Kaskus community or users can view all posted threads or responses (replies) to the threads on BCA Kaskus Account. Your replies are likely to show up in search engines (such as Google or Yahoo).

Since BCA Kaskus Account is intended for public use and everyone can participate, BCA is not responsible for any threads or replies posted on BCA Kaskus Account, unless the threads or replies are officially posted by BCA.

We suggest that all replies to the threads posted by BCA be made under, among others, the following conditions:

  • Any reply must be relevant to the topic under discussion by using polite and respectful language.
  • Any post is your genuine content and you must avoid fraudulent acts or any other unlawful acts.
  • You must not post the work of another person or infringe the intellectual property rights (IPR) of another person, unless you obtain an approval for it.
  • You must not post any private and confidential information.

Any consequences arising from your upload to BCA Kaskus Account will be your full responsibility.
BCA will moderate and monitor BCA Kaskus Account. BCA will actively and continuously monitors all posts or comments on BCA made by anyone through BCA Kaskus Account. BCA may be unable to respond to each and every post made by Kaskus users on BCA Kaskus Account. BCA can only comment on and/or respond to the posts during workdays and business hours from 08.30 - 17.30 Western Indonesia Time.

Questions on BCA Products and Customer Service
If you are a BCA customer who has some specific questions on your banking transaction with BCA, you can send your questions by email to halobca@bca.co.id or contact HALO BCA at 500888 or (021) 500888 from cellphone.

BCA is accessible from various social media/networks and it has the right to identify and/or respond to anyone who needs BCA banking information and/or solutions. Accordingly, BCA has the right to offer some other BCA social media accounts or any other means of communication to the public to ensure effective communication.

BCA Kaskus Account is:

Bank Central Asia

BCA Policy on the Management of BCA Kaskus Account
Please note the following when you reply to any thread or post made by BCA:

  • BCA Kaskus Account is a means of communication between individuals and BCA, and it is not a substitute means of communication to respond to general banking questions or services. Visit www.bca.co.id for more detailed information on BCA banking products and services.
  • You must not reply to any post or thread made in BCA Kaskus Account by posting threads containing materials which are protected by copyright, security, trade secret or which must be kept confidential under any agreement. You are also prohibited from using any thread made or posted on BCA Kaskus Account as a medium to accommodate all claims, requests, complaints or notices in relation to any cases under legal process, unless such thread discusses a topic directly related to such issues.
  • You must not use BCA Kaskus Account as a medium for fraudulent acts or any other unlawful acts. Suspicious information received by email can be forwarded to halobca@bca.co.id or reported to BCA by contacting HaloBCA at 500888 or (021) 500888 from cellphone.

To develop a beneficial discussion through BCA Kaskus Account, please post your reply to any thread made by BCA relevant to the topic under discussion.

BCA may at any time change the conditions of the BCA Kaskus Account User Manual.

Policy on Intellectual Property Right (IPR)
Below is the Policy on Intellectual Property Right (IPR) for activities on BCA Kaskus Account:

  • No person shall infringe the copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret, or other Intellectual Property Rights(IPR) of any other party or publication right or privacy of any other party.
  • By uploading replies, including replies in the form of pictures, videos, marketing materials (advertisements) or any other forms, to BCA threads, you hereby grant rights and powers to BCA to republish, redistribute or repost or use the posted replies in any form and manner whatsoever.

Link to Third Parties
BCA may send any posted threads containing links to any third parties’ websites, which, in the opinion of BCA, may provide useful recommendations for you. Such recommendations do not constitute BCA’s official endorsement of any particular individual, website or company. 

Policy on Your Privacy and Data Security
By visiting BCA Kaskus Account, you are bound by the Terms and Conditions of Privacy Policy and Terms of Use of Kaskus.

To protect your own personal data and the personal data of any other party, you are requested not to include any personal information such as bank account numbers, telephone numbers or email addresses in any of your replies.