PT Bank Central Asia Tbk. Instagram account @GoodLifeBCA provides information on travel and financial solutions, culinary, and other things of interest in visual form.

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Instagram BCA User Guide

PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA) managed its communication through various channels, including BCA Instagram account. Communication is done for several purposes, among others, to provide information on BCA activities to local community forum, as well as service information for the public or Instagram users.

BCA Instagram account is public, which means visitors or Instagram users can view all contents (images, video, information, tips, and opinions) posted on BCA Instagram account. Additionally, other can view your posts on BCA Instagram account that will also appear in search engines (Google or Yahoo) results. BCA reserves the right to delete posts that do not conform to BCA Instagram account user guidelines.

Due to BCA Instagram account public nature and public access upload posts, BCA is not liable for any postings displayed on the BCA Instagram account, unless the post is formally published by BCA.

We recommend that contents related to BCA are posted in compliance with the following terms:

  • Stay on topic of discussion, and use polite and respectful language
  • Make sure that your posts contain original content and avoid content that contains elements of fraud or other unlawful elements
  • Do not post other people's work or violate Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) without express approval from content owner
  • Never post personal and/or confidential information

All consequences arising in connection with the publication of your posts on BCA Instagram account is the sole responsibility of the poster.

Managing and monitoring BCA @GoodLifeBCA Instagram account

BCA actively and continuously monitor all publicly submitted / uploaded posts on BCA through BCA Instagram account. Please note that BCA is not always able to provide a response to each post submitted on BCA Instagram account. BCA will response to posts only during BCA operational hours between 08:30 and 17:30.

Questions Related to BCA Products and BCA Customer Service

BCA customers with specific questions relating to banking transactions at BCA may submit questions via email to or call HALO BCA 1500888.

BCA manages more than one social media / social networking account and reserves the right to identify and / or respond to the individuals seeking information and / or BCA banking solutions at any time. Furthermore, BCA Instagram account aims to increase communication effectiveness, provide information on promotions, travel and culinary references, as well as a number of other interesting information related to GoodLife BCA.

View BCA Instagram account newsfeed here @GoodLifeBCA

@GoodLifeBCA Instagram Account Management Policy

BCA manages and monitors @GoodLifeBCA Instagram account. BCA active and continuous monitoring ensures that all posts addressed to BCA on its account by the general public of Instagram users via instagram account comply to BCA policy. BCA reserves the right to delete posts that are considered rude, provocative, or not eligible to appear.

Things to consider:

  • @GoodLifeBCA Instagram account is a means of communication between individuals with BCA and not a substitute communication channel to respond to questions on BCA banking services or banking services in general. Please visit for more detailed information on BCA banking products and services.
  • Do not post or forward materials that do not belong to you without expressed permission to post them, particularly material protected by copyright, security, or contain trade secrets or other confidential materials. @GoodLifeBCA Instagram account may not be used as a venue to address any and all claims, demands, complaints, or notices related to case / cases currently being processed in a court of law.
  • @GoodLifeBCA Instagram account may not be used a means to commit fraud or other unlawful acts. Suspicious information received via e-mail may be forwarded to or reported to BCA by contacting HaloBCA at 1500888.
  • BCA reserves the right report inappropriate user behavior that violates @GoodLifeBCA Instagram account policy without prior written notice. BCA also has the right to report posts that contain elements of criminal behavior, provocation, or indication of violence against anyone and / or other inappropriate conduct to the relevant authorities.

Provisions on Posted Comments

BCA reserves the right to delete inappropriate posts and comments or report such posts that BCA deem to:

  • Defame or damage reputation of the Bank or other parties, or contain impolite, unpleasant acts, or irrelevant content to the discussion topic, or other unlawful acts
  • Contain elements of sexually explicit or pornographic material, or any kind of inappropriate words where symbols, initials, intentional wrong spellings, or other characters that could indicate inappropriate language
  • Contain threats, personal attacks, abuse, slander, insult or provocative language, or violence against individuals, entities, or organizations
  • Contain discrimination or similar attacks against age, sex, race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, or disability
  • Fabrication, falsehood, slander, and/or other inaccurate and incorrect information
  • Contain spam or links that carry viruses, malware, spyware, or other similar programs that could harm a computer.
  • In violation of copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret, or the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) owned by another person, or rights of publicity or privacy of others
  • Contain confidential information related to the company or internal information/data of BCA
  • Contain negative statement / slanderous statements about BCA competitor or BCA itself
  • Other matters which BCA deem to not provide positive benefits

To promote healthy discussions via @GoodLifeBCA Instagram account, please only post comments relevant to the topic of discussion. BCA reserves the right to make changes to the provisions of @GoodLifeBCA Instagram account user guidelines at any time.

Policy on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in relation to @GoodLifeBCA Instagram account use is as follows:

  • Do not post content/material that infringes upon copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret, or Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) owned by another party, or violates the rights of publicity or privacy of any party
  • By posting on @GoodLifeBCA Instagram account, user agrees that he/she is the copyright owner of the post, and agrees to use the post in a manner consistent with the purpose and use of BCA Instagram user guidelines
  • Any consequences arising from user post on @GoodLifeBCA Instagram account is the sole responsibility of the poster
  • By uploading posts, including photos, videos, marketing material propositions, or other kinds of posts on @GoodLifeBCA Instagram Account, you hereby grant and authorize the Bank to re-publish, redistribute, or use any and all post content at any time and in any medium.

Links to Third Parties

BCA may submit posts (mention and tags), including but not limited to, a link to the website or product of another party that BCA believe may provide useful recommendations for users. The recommendation is not an official BCA endorsement against individuals, websites, or specific company.

Privacy Policy and Your Data Security

By visiting or viewing @GoodLifeBCA Instagram account, users are bound to/subject to the Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions and @GoodLifeBCA Instagram Terms of Use.

To protect your personal data and personal data belonging to another party, users are requested not to post personal information, including account number, phone number, or e-mail address in any post. BCA reserves the right to remove any post that BCA deems to have violated this condition.