Posted On : 05-01-2021

Send Money Abroad at BCA and Get Flazz Card with New Logo

Kirim Valas di BCA Dapat Flazz Berlogo Baru

With BCA, sending money to family or colleague abroad is safer and more convenient. The BCA Full Payment service is an international money transfer where the recipient will receive the fund in full amount with fee of only USD 10.

For every BCA Full Payment transaction, customer is entitled to a reward of the Flazz card* with new logo with a balance of IDR 25,000 for the period of January until June 2021.

BCA Full Payment currently serves the transaction for the currencies of USD, SGD, HKD, AUD, DKKCAD, NZD, and GBP. Make sure you enter the correct clearing codes. With the ease of global payments that BCA has provided, a simple mistake such as entering the wrong clearing codes may result in an unsuccessful transfer. Please read the following terms and conditions.

  • Transactions are conducted in local currency of the destination country (e.g., USD remittance to the US)
  • Funds are received in full by the recipient
  • Maximum amount for the fund transferred is at equivalent of USD 100,000 per transaction, except for DKK is limited to equivalent of USD 25,000 per transaction
  • Transactions are conducted on a non-value today basis
  • The service charges at a cost of USD 10 (or equivalent) and telex fee of Rp50,000
  • Foreign currency funds are subjected to a provision in lieu flat fee of equivalent to USD 5 (For bank notes fund, other terms and conditions apply)
  • Transactions can only be done at BCA branches
  • Customer is required to include some additional information in accordance with the provisions of the transaction currency, as the following:

Transaction Currency Destination Country Beneficiary Account Number Local Clearing Code Beneficiary Address Details
USD United States Max. 17 characters ABA Number (Electronic/ACH) 9 characters City, postal code, state
AUD Australia Max. 9 characters BSB Number 6 characters City, postal code, state
DKK Denmark Max. 14 characters (No IBAN) Bank Code 4 characters -
HKD Hong Kong Max. 9 characters Routing Code 6 characters -
SGD Singapore Max. 11 characters Sorting Code 7 characters -
CAD Canada Max. 12 characters Routing number 9 characters -
NZD New Zealand Max. 10 characters Clearing code 6 characters -
GBP United Kingdom Max. 11 characters (No IBAN) Sorting code 6 characters -
Note: Full Payment transactions cannot be transferred to Virtual Account Number.

For further information, please contact Halo BCA 24-hr service at 1500888 or type #halobca via Whatsapp at 0811 1500 998, and Halo BCA Chat on or simply mention us at Twitter account @HaloBCA.

*) valid while stocks last

For further information of Local Clearing Code list for the currencies of USD, SGD, and HKD please click in the link below:

Disclaimer: We recommend you to confirm the applicable Local Clearing Code with the beneficiary prior to conducting a transaction. We are not responsible for the accuracy, completeness, and validity of information regarding the Local Clearing Code available mentioned on each site above. Any reliance and decisions made based on such information is at your sole risk and full responsibility.

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