Posted On : 02-10-2020

AIA End of the Year 2020 Promo

Festival Akhir Tahun 2020

Protect yourself with BCA AIA life insurance for health protection, critical illnesses, pension plan and children’s education fund.

Get your AIA policy now and enjoy cashback of up to Rp220 million for premium purchases starting from Rp12 million/year. In addition, there is also an extra cashback promo that you don’t want to miss out!

Cashback Promo
Main Prize Cashback starting from Rp120 thousand - Rp220 million
Additional Prize
  • Extra cashback of up to 2.63% First Premium for old customers
  • 1% extra cashback for First Premium for an additional insurance rider to Premier Hospital & Surgical Plus/Critical illness C3
  • 1% extra cashback for First Premium for policy payment using BCA Credit Card

Note: Extra cashback can be combined with a total cashback of 4.63% (terms & conditions apply)

Terms & Conditions

PRIMA 1-Year Premium Free
Main Prize Free 1 year premium on the 10th/20th year for every purchase of Maksima Critical Illness Protection (PRIMA) without a minimum premium
Terms & Conditions
  • Insurance application period: 1 October – 31 December 2020
  • Policy with premium payment for 10 years will be waived in the 10th policy year
  • Policy with premium payment for 20 years will be waived in the 20th policy year

Maxi Protection Platinum Program
Main Prize
  • 25% Additional Loyalty Bonus in the 12th year of policy term
  • Reduction of basic insurance costs up to 12.5%
  • Without medical check-up for the sum insured under Rp5 billion
Terms & Conditions
  • The policy period is approved until 31 December 2020
  • Minimum annualized premium is Rp36 million
  • Minimum sum insured is Rp1.5 billion

Extra Annual Limits & Booster for PHS+ Rider
Main Prize Extra Annual Limit of Rp1.2 billion & Extra Booster Limits of up to Rp40 billion
Terms & Conditions Read here

Buy 1 Get 4 Promo
Main Prize
  • Inpatient Cash Benefit up to Rp100 million for four family members by purchasing 1 AIA policy
  • Personal accident insurance of Rp5 million per person for death due to an accident
Terms & Conditions Read here

Leave Contact via WELMA Cashback Promo
Main Prize Leave Contact via WELMA Cashback Promo
Terms & Conditions Read here

Wait no more! Protect yourself and your family now and enjoy the prize. For further information, please contact Bancassurance Consultant AIA at nearest BCA branches or Leave Contact melalui WELMA.

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In response to the latest situation on Covid-19 and the government’s instruction to extend the period of Work From Home,
During joint holiday that falls on 28 and 30 October 2020, all BCA offices are close.
Obtaining your dream car is no longer a fantasy and can be soon fulfilled.