Posted On : 01-07-2020

#PasangKudaKuda Now, Prizes Await You

Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow. However, we can anticipate uncertain financial risks by #PasangKudaKuda from now with BCA-AIA. Obtain a safety net from a variety of protection products that can be tailored to your specific needs, ranging from life and healthcare protection, and education and retirement planning. 

Get a cashback, starting from Rp120 thousand until Rp120 million, for new policy purchases. Old BCA AIA customers who purchase new policy for themselves or family will get an extra 2.63% cashback of the First Premium. 

The benefit continues. You will also get a free 1-year premium at the 10th or 20th policy year for the new purchase of Maksima Critical Illnesses Protection (PRIMA). You can also get an additional cashback of up to Rp325 thousand if you submit the subscription via Leave Contact Asuransi via WELMA

In facing the pandemic, BCA and AIA provide additional benefits for Inpatient Cash Benefits up to Rp100 million for customers who contracted Covid-19 and a Personal Accident (PA) with the following conditions.

Terms and Conditions: 

Let’s #PasangKudaKuda now, protect yourself and your family and enjoy the various benefits of a BCA AIA customer.

Contact Bancassurance Consultant AIA/PIC Relationship BCA at nearest BCA branches or download Welma to access Leave Contact insurance.

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