Posted On : 06-04-2020

Extra Annual Limits + Booster Limits Up to Rp40Bn

Ekstra Limit Tahunan + Limit Booster Hingga Rp40 M

Health protection has now become more secure with an add-on provision, the Premier Hospital & Surgical (PHS+). The PHS+ rider provides full benefits including reimbursement of hospitalization and surgery costs, available in IDR and USD with protection period of up to 88 years and a variety of plan options tailored to individual needs with various advantages such as:

  • Hospital private room
    1-bedded room with en-suite bathroom
  • Full health protection
    International coverage
  • Cashless
    Allows cashless payment in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore
  • Fully Covered
    Fully pay hospital bill claim
  • Family Plan
    Provide family discounts if you include family members in one policy (maximum 4 additional insured members), with minimum and maximum entry age for adult: 0 to 70 years and children: 1 month to 17 years. 


Extra Annual Limits

Get extra annual and booster limits during the program period















Normal Annual Limit

2 Bn

3 Bn

5 Bn

0,50 Million

10 Bn

1,00 Million

3,00 Million

Annual Program Limit

3,2 Bn

4,2 Bn

6,2 Bn

0,62 Million

11,2 Bn

1,12 Million

3,12 Million

Booster Limit

8 Bn

12 Bn

20 M

1,5 Million

40 Bn

2,50 Million

1,5 Million

Total Limit (Annual & Booster)

11,2 Bn

16,2 Bn

26,2 Bn

2,12 Million

51,2 Bn

3,62 Million

4,62 Million

Terms and Conditions:

  • Insurance validity period: 1 April until 30 Sep 2020
  • Only valid for additional PHS + new insurance purchases
  • The benefit of booster limits is used once it passes the annual limit of the relevant policy

Complete your Maxi Protection or Maxi Infinite Link Assurance with PHS+ Rider.

Contact BCA Branch Offices or your BCA Relationship PIC (Personal Banker/Relationship Officer/ Customer Service) to get this offer.

updated 1 July 2020

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