Posted On : 01-04-2020

Starting May 2020, OneKlik Daily Limits Increased to a Maximum Rp3 Million per Card

Limit Harian OneKlik Menjadi Maksimal Rp 3 Juta

Shopping experience has never been easier. By using OneKlik BCA services, shopping is right at your finger tip and hassle-free. Starting May 2020, you can control the current daily shopping limit of up to a maximum of Rp3 million per ATM card and applies to all OneKlik merchant partners.

Now, shopping is safer and more enjoyable using OneKlik. For further information, please contact Halo BCA 1500888 or simply mention us at Twitter account @HaloBCA.

OneKlik Daily Limit Change FAQs

Q: What is OneKlik daily limit?
A: OneKlik daily limit is the maximum amount of daily transaction specified by the customer during registration via application and/or OneKlik merchant partners’ websites.

Q: What changes include in OneKlik daily limit?
A: OneKlik daily limit changes include:

  • OneKlik daily limit applies to every ATM card per day and is a combined transaction limit at all OneKlik merchant partners (
  • As of May 2020,OneKlik daily limit, which was initially Rp1 million/account/merchant, will be changed to Rp3 million/ATM card/

Q: How does the OneKlik daily limit work if I currently have different daily limits for each merchant which comes from the same source of fund?
A: As of May 2020, your OneKlik daily limit will change as follow:
The total of all your current daily limits at all OneKlik merchant partners or a maximum of Rp1 million/ATM card/day.
You can change your daily limit to a maximum of Rp3 million/ATM card/day on BCA mobile on m-Admin menu → OneKlik Setting → Change Limit.

Q: How do I change my OneKlik daily limit?
A: You can change your daily limit on:

  • OneKlik merchant’s applications with a maximum cap of Rp1 million/ATM card/day
  • BCA mobile with a maximum limit of Rp3 million/ATM card/day on m-Admin menu → OneKlik Setting → Change Limit

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