Posted On : 21-02-2020

Surprise from BCA Full Payment #KirimKirimBiayaMinim

Kejutan dari BCA Full Payment #KirimKirimBiayaMinim

The BCA Full Payment product offers a surprise: Fee-Free Foreign Currency Remittance during the period of 21 February 2020 – 31 May 2020.

By using the BCA Full Payment for foreign currency remittance, recipients can will receive the funds in full amount, without any deduction fee. This service offers a safe, comfortable and easy transaction. The BCA Full Payment currently serves USD, SGD, HKD, AUD, and DKK at a cost of USD10 (equivalent). Therefore, it is time to take advantage of BCA Full Payment for your foreign currency remittance transactions. 

Term and conditions:

  • Transactions are done in local currency (example, USD remittance to the US).
  • Funds received in full amount of the recipient
  • Funds transferred is a maximum equivalent of USD 25,000 per transaction.
  • Transactions are conducted on a non-value basis today. ksi dilakukan secara non-value today.
  • Foreign currency funds are subject to a provision in lieu equivalent to USD 5, except bank notes.
  • Transactions can only be done at BCA branches.

Wait no more! Use BCA Full Payment now for your foreign currency transaction services.

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