Posted On : 27-01-2020

Invest and Get a Cashback? It’s Time to Invest in SBR009 via Welma

Mau Investasi Dapat Cashback? Saatnya Pilih Investasi SBR009 Lewat Welma

Don’t fall for phony investments promising people lucrative profits! It’s time for you to switch to investments that are guaranteed by the Indonesian government. You can purchase a secure investment instrument namely State Bonds, which can be owned by individuals of Indonesian national. 

It is the right time to make investment, because the State Bond of Retail Savings Bonds code SBR009 has been released and can be obtained at Bank BCA as one of the Distribution Partners at domestic primary market. This product will be available in the market starting from 27 January 2020 – 13 February 2020. 

SBR009 offers a 6.3% coupon yield with floating coupon (floating with floor). In addition to that, other benefits include fee-free for the opening of securities account, free deposit fee until it reaches maturity, and free monthly coupon transfers. 

If you have not purchased bonds at BCA, need not to worry. It is very easy to do. Simply open a securities account and fill out other related forms at nearest BCA branch offices, at all KCU and KCP BCA with a designated Prioritas lounge. 

For those who previously purchased bonds at BCA, you can place an order via KlikBCA Individu account during the offering period. The SBR009 subscriptions start from Rp1 million and its multiples and maximum of Rp3 billion for every investor. Purchase can be made through BCA’s e-channels including Welma and KlikBCA Individu. 

For those who make a purchase via WELMA, you can get Rp100 thousand cashback for a minimum subscription of Rp10 million per customer. 

Making investment has become easier at BCA via KlikBCA Individu. It’s time to make your investment with BCA. For further information, please contact Halo BCA 1500888 or simply mention us at Twitter account @HaloBCA

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