Posted On : 08-11-2019

Content Creator 101: Tips for Producing Good Content Using Smartphones

Content Creator 101: Tips Menghasilkan Konten Ciamik dengan Smartphone

While the millennials aspire to become a content creator, it is, however, not an easy job. In order to create the best content, one must have a strong artistic sense to search for and capture the best idea and produce them consistently. Only then, your followers will continue to rise and eventually more rupiah comes into your pocket.

So, are you interested to become a content creator? 

Through the “Content Creator 101 Creating Impactful Mobile Photography" workshop, BCA collaborates with kumparan and invite all friends at Nodeflux to further venture into the realm of content creating. The event will be held on Thursday, 8 November 2019, at Nodeflux office, East Kemang, South Jakarta. 

At Content Creator 101, Fellexandro Ruby will share about how to be a good content creator with friends at Nodeflux by maximizing the use of any tools you have. Fellexandro Ruby will also be accompanied by Maulana Viliano, Digital Marketing BCA. Both, they will give a workshop so that all participants can create quality content by only using smartphones.

In addition, the event will also including a fun Karaoke session with ARIE DAGIENKZ. There will definitely be so much fun.

But, the workshop is only for Nodeflux?

Don’t worry. Even though the event is not open to the public, you can still prove youself as a content creator at the #JoinGenerasiSimpel Photo Competition. The competition is open to the public.

Win the prizes — Sony a6400 Kit, Samsung Galaxy S10, Nintendo Switch, and 10 MAP Vouchers worth Rp500,000. Are you interested to join now? For further information about the #JoinGenerasiSimpel Photo Competition, please click here

For more details, please contact the event PIC Ayuwandira (HP 081219664785/e-mail: )

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