Posted On : 08-11-2019

Craving for A Comfortable Trip with No Hassle? Don’t Forget These 5 Items!

Mau Liburan dan Traveling Nyaman Tanpa Gangguan? Jangan Lupakan 5 Item Berikut!

Traveling will be more memorable when it’s done thoroughly and well-planned. For those who are planning to travel in near future, let’s do one more check to make sure you don’t leave anything out. Here are five things you must have with you when traveling.

  • KTP/Passport
    KTP, SIM, passport and visa (if you’re traveling abroad), and other important documents. Make copies of all documents and keep it somewhere separate and safe.
  • Clothes
    Bring outfits based on the weather and the destination. Don’t forget to bring warm clothes in case of cold weather. But remember, pack only as needed, so you won’t exceed weight limits. And you can use the remaining space of your luggage for the stuff you might buy during the trip.
  • Cash and Non-Cash Money
    When traveling, ATMs cannot always be found in every corner of the street as it is also not always available to make cashless payments. So, make sure you always have enough cash to anticipate unwanted situation. If you’re traveling abroad, bring local currency.
  • Medicines
    Despite being ready and healthy, you should still bring medicines such as anti-allergic drugs, pain relievers, and essential oils. If you have congenital diseases, it never hurts to bring personal meds.
  • Travel Insurance
    Insurance is important to mitigate risk, including when you’re on holiday and traveling. This is because insurance provides protection from unexpected and unwanted things and situations such as delays, lost luggage, as well as medical expenses.

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