Posted On : 28-10-2019

Easier & More Economical Forex Transfer via KlikBCA Bisnis

Transfer Valas Melalui KlikBCA Bisnis Lebih Mudah & Hemat

Do you often make money transfers abroad? With improved and adequate facilities, international money transfer has never been easier and faster. Especially with internet banking facility, forex transfer is now more flexible and can be done everywhere. It is time for you to use forex transfer services via KlikBCA Bisnis now.

But, why now? Because it has been made easier through BCA’s e-banking channels. In addition, you will get a more competitive exchange rate because KlikBCA Bisnis uses BCA e-rate exchange rate for outward remittance transactions. This service can be used for transactions in 14 foreign currencies. You can access this facility as long as your remittance transaction does not exceed the accumulation of US$25,000 per month. 

KlikBCA Bisnis also offers Value Today facility, an outward foreign remittance that is processed and sent on the same day. Besides, there is a Full Amount transfer option, in which money transferred is received in full. These facilities are here to facilitate you with ease of international business transactions. 

KlikBCA Bisnis is also secure because it is equipped with VPN (Virtual Private Network) as a safety net and is mandatory for transactions using KeyBCA. For those who wish to enjoy OR transactions via KlikBCA Bisnis, visit BCA branch where you opened your savings and fill out the KlikBCA Bisnis form.

Don’t procrastinate! Enjoy KlikBCA Bisnis facility for your Outward Remittance transactions. 

For further information, please contact Halo BCA 1500888 or simply mention us at Twitter account @HaloBCA.

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