Posted On : 07-10-2019

KKB Refinancing, the Answer for Your Pressing Needs

KKB Refinancing Jadi Andalan untuk Kebutuhan Mendesak

Being in an emergency situation where you’re in need of funds – for business capital, hospital bills, downpayment for a house, etc – can result in panicked thinking and actions. In such situations, relying on the closest people is not always helpful.

However, there is a solution to every problem, especially in urgent situation. Similar to gold asset, movable assets such as cars can also be used as emergency fund. BCA has a solution for you if you ever find yourself in such situation. 

KKB Refinancing is the answer. You can use your vehicle as collateral to borrow money with a minimum loan of Rp30 million. With this loan scheme, the monthly installment payments are a fixed amount every month with flat and fixed interest rate.

With short underwriting approval process and lenient loan requirements and eligibility, you can definitely count on this facility. On top of it all, you can make automatic payments from your BCA savings account. Need not to worry about keeping track of due dates and late fees. 


1 year

2 Year

3 Year

4 Year

Flat Interest Rates





Flat Interest Rates





If you are interested in BCA’s KKB Refinancing, please fill out the form below or visit our nearest branch office.

For further information, please contact, Halo BCA 1500888 or simply mention us at Twitter account @HaloBCA.If you are interested in BCA’s KKB Refinancing, please fill out the form below or visit our nearest branch office. 

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