Posted On : 03-10-2019

#HidupkanRencana Akhir Tahunmu Realize Your #HidupkanRencana Year End Checklist

#HidupkanRencana Akhir Tahunmu

The end of year is a time that is very busy for everyone. People usually already laid out plans to celebrate the end of year and you need not to worry because BCA AIA will #RealizeYourPlan. Protect yourself and your family with insurance products from BCA AIA and get a Voucher from worth of up to Rp2.75 million, Travel Voucher from Bayu Buana of up to Rp40 million or a Tour Package to England. All prizes are available upon purchase of BCA insurance products with minimum premiums of Rp12 million/year. The program is valid until 31 December 2019.

Seize your chance to get a free holiday and #RealizeYourPlan with BCA AIA. For further information, please contact Bancassurance Consultant (BC) BCA AIA at nearest BCA branch offices.

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