Posted On : 10-09-2019

Do You Want to Big Money Prize? Join #KunciBebasWorry Challenge

Mau Uang Jutaan? Ikuti Challenge #KunciBebasWorry

Obtaining a house is everyone’s dream. Unfortunately, there are still many realty marketing tricks that can hide flaws and you may end up empty-handed by dealing with shady realtors.

As a result of not properly informed, you easily fall into a marketing trap that promises an ease of obtaining the house of your dream. And then next thing is you lose the down payment on the house and the dream of buying a house remains unfulfilled.

It is actually not hard to get a house or an apartment because now you can use KPR or KPA program from BCA, the #KunciBebasWorry solution for you.

Buy your dream house soon. While waiting and looking for the one, join the #KunciBebasWorry challenge and win a total of 10 million rupiah.

It could be a nice additional fund for the house down payment. Click here to find out more about the challenge.

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