Posted On : 15-08-2019

Proud Indonesia; The World Famous Gamelan and Island of Gods in Motion Picture by Livi Zheng

Bangga Indonesia; Gamelan yang Terus Mendunia dan Indahnya Pulau Dewata dalam Bingkai Film Besutan Livi Zheng.

>Many decades ago, Wenten had to leave his beloved hometown and family in Bali. At the beginning of his journey, he faced lots of challenges that he eventually overcame.

>Not only was Wenten able to survive in new foreign land, but he also managed to achieve his long-sought dreams; become an artist and also an ethnomusicology professor who promotes and spreads gamelans in the United States. Thanks to Wenten, gamelan music is now popular and taught on major campuses in the United States.

>After 40 years living in the United States, in his golden age now, Wenten wishes to return to his hometown in Bali. However, Wenten has always wanted to achieve something – a contribution – he can dedicate to his motherland Indonesia.

>Bali: Beats of Paradise, a movie by talented Indonesian director Livi Zheng who lives in Los Angeles, captures a glimpse of Wenten’s life journey. “Bali: Beats of Paradise” not only narrates the life path of Wenten, but also the beauty of Bali and the fusion of traditional Balinese music with funk, where it was in Oscar contention for the 2019 Academy Awards for the Best Picture category.

>Bali: Beats of Paradise pulls back the curtain on an inspiring story of gamelan player and composer I Nyoman Wenten, who pursues his dreams as a Balinese artist in the United States through Balinese gamelan music.

>In the movie, which was set in Los Angeles and Bali, Wenten collaborated with Judith Hill, a Grammy Award-winning singer, contestant of The Voice and Michael Jackson’s duet partner.

>In Bali: Beats of Paradise, Wenten and Judith successfully combined the traditional pentatonic Balinese music genre with funk music. The fusion of these two ‘worlds’ was done together by Wenten and Judith in a song titled Queen of the HillIn the video clip, Wenten and Judith performed in colorful traditional Balinese attire.

>Gamelan music has been used in ‘Avatar’ by James Cameron, TV show ‘Star Trek’ as well as the Nintendo game ‘Super Mario Bros’. The Indonesian traditional music ensemble is now taught at many universities in the United States such as Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA), and University of California-Berkeley (UC-Berkeley).

It is definitely worth it to watch, especially in the spirit of commemorating the independence of the Republic of Indonesia. Go to your favorite cinema now and use BCA credit or debit card or BCA mobile for ticket purchases or e-ticket transactions.

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