Posted On : 31-07-2019

Account Mutation Can Now Go Further Back

Mutasi Rekening Kini Bisa Tarik Waktu Mundur Lebih Lama

It is aggravating, indeed, when you need a cash flow statement and it is inaccessible to trace further back; as a result, creating financial statements has to be delayed. Imagine yourself going in a hurry to a Bank’s branch office to print out history for your checking account and you have to wait in line. If you have been in such situations, then it’s time for you to take advantage of BCA’s e-statement service for account mutation that is accessible via KlikBCA Bisnis and KlikBCA Individu.

Now, you need not to worry no more, especially if you only have so much time. You can access your banking transaction history from 2016 via BCA’s e-statement service.

Not only does it save you so much time, you also actively participate in saving the environment by eliminating the use of print-out papers. By using e-statement service, you can directly download your transaction on KlikBCA Individu and KlikBCA Bisnis.

It’s now time to go green and be time-efficient by using e-statement service on KlikBCA Bisnis and KlikBCA Individu. For further information, please contact Halo BCA 1500888 or simply mention us at Twitter account @HaloBCA.

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