Posted On : 23-07-2019

Map Your Adventure at Outfest 2019

You don’t have to go far to find some fun and exciting activities. Now, find the fun you’re looking for at Outfest 2019, which will be held at Aldiron Square, Jakarta, from 1-4 August 2019. The event offers a variety of adventure games. The games are divided into four different arenas; Land Adventure, Water adventure, Sky Adventure, and Sea Adventure.

OutFest 2019 is an annual outdoor festival organized for the third time, bringing adventure travel concept that aims at accommodating the fun of outdoor experience. The event will also be enlivened by stands that sell outdoor gear and knick knacks as well as outdoor activity packages.

Are you intrigued to experience the fun of adventure downtown? Come and check it for yourself. BCA offers many attractive promos, from opening account online via BCA mobile which will reward you with admission tickets or game tickets, Sakuku cashback promo for F&B, get a souvenir from digital experience BCA, to discount game tickets from Tahapan Xpresi BCA.

Sounds fun, yes? Let’s Find Your Adventure. Share the Experience, Share the Happiness with BCA at OutFest 2019! Check the promo details at OutFest below:

Open a savings account via BCA mobile for the period of 21 July-4 August 2019 and get 1 admission ticket or 1 game ticket

  • Valid for those who open savings account via BCA mobile for the period of 21 July-4 August 2019
  • Show notification email from opening a savings to our SPG at BCA’s booth (next to ticketing counter), to redeem the tickets
  • Only valid for 1 time/new customer

Enjoy up to 50% off admission tickets

  • 50% off for online ticket purchases using Sakuku on for the period of 21 July-31 July 2019
  • 20% off for ticket purchases using Sakuku or Flazz OutFest edition at ticket booth on the spot

Rp10,000 Cashback promo at F&B venue

  • Rp10,000 cashback in the form of Sakuku balance
  • Valid for transactions at F&B area with minimum purchase transaction of Rp20,000
  • Redeem your purchase receipt to the SPG to get cashback
  • Valid for the first 200 transactions/day

50% off Game Tickets

  • 50% off game tickets using chip Tahapan Xpresi BCA cards
  • Exchange of chip Tahapan Xpresi BCA cards is available BCA’s booth.
  • Valid for the first 250 transactions/game/day

Get souveniers from Experience QRku, Sakuku, Cardless Withdrawal and BCA Keyboard

  • Get a Go Green bag/food voucher
  • Valid for new users of Sakuku/BCA mobile who perform QRku transfer or cardless withdrawal, or perform a transaction using BCA keyboard.
  • There are 30 Souvenirs/day
  • 1 souvenir/user
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