Posted On : 16-07-2019

Invest in SBR007 with KlikBCA Individu for Better Finance

Government bond is a bond issued by a national government with coupon payment guaranteed by the law. The Savings Bond Ritel Series SBR007 is one of the government bonds that has been recently issued and is quite promising with floating coupon (floating with floor) at 7.50% per annum. This product can be yours, an Indonesian citizen.

The SBR007 can be obtained through BCA as one of the official Distributing Partners collaborating with the Ministry of Finance. Take the opportunity now to purchase the SBR007 via KlikBCA Individu until 25 July 2019.

If you have previously purchased bonds at BCA, you can place an order via your KlikBCA Individu account during the offering period. The SBR007 subscription starts from Rp1 million and its multiples and maximum of 3 billion rupiah for every investor. Payment can be made through e-Channel BCA, including KlikBCA Individu, ATM BCA or EDC Pajak.

If you have never purchased bonds at BCA, what you need to do first is to open a securities account and fill out other related forms. Registration can be done at nearest BCA branches, at all KCU and KCP BCA with a Prioritas designated lounge.

By making SBR007 purchases at BCA, the benefits you can obtain include fee-free for the opening of securities account, free deposit fee until it reaches maturity, and free monthly coupon transfers.

Easy and cost-effective, isn’t it? Invest in SBR007 now at BCA. For further information, please contact Halo BCA 1500888 or simply mention us Twitter account @HaloBCA.

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