Posted On : 04-07-2019

Open Savings Account on BCA mobile and Get Free Concert Tickets and 50% F&B Vouchers

PIASE 2019 presents: Pamungkas, Elephant Kind, Sisitipsi, Diskopantera, Reality Club, Sal Priadi, The Panturas, Kelompok Penerbang Roket, and many more.

When else are you going to get a chance to get free concert tickets when opening a new savings account? It’s PIASE 2019 music concert! Not to mention that can also get a 50% F&B voucher (there are 500 vouchers available).

Buka Tabungan di BCA mobile Dapet Tiket Konser Gratis!

This year marks the fourth year of PIASE music concert. The Psychology Innovation in Art, Social, and Education, colloquially known as PIASE, returns and will be held on Saturday, 13 July 2019. The event starts from 15.00 WIB. Located at ITC’s Rooftop, Depok, the music concert will bring a much grander and more elaborate concept.

Repeating its previous success, the PIASE 2019 will present big names and great music. The PIASE 2018 had proven to successfully bring joy to more than 4,000 Indonesian music enthusiasts and this year the PIASE 2019 will welcome more than 6,000 spectators. 

The Piase 2019 will feature musicians of today’s mainstream music, from Pamungkas, Elephant Kind, Sisitipsi, Diskopantera, Reality Club, Sal Priadi, The Panturas, Kelompok Penerbang Roket and many more. You will certainly have a great time! Especially if you’re going to the event with your loved ones.

Buka Tabungan di BCA mobile Dapet Tiket Konser Gratis!

So, what does it have to do with BCA savings account?

Opening a new BCA savings is not only easy but also enjoyable. Well, how could it not? By opening a new account, you can get a FREE PIASE 2019 music concert ticket. And it is super easy to do it. Simply open a new savings account from BCA mobile app on your phone.

Buka Tabungan di BCA mobile Dapet Tiket Konser Gratis!

Now, opening a new BCA savings account can be done online, faster than before. With BCA mobile, you can open an account from anywhere, even on public holidays! 

How to open a savings account: Simply download BCA mobile app on your phone. Once downloaded, click the ‘Open A New Account’ menu, fill the form, upload a picture of your e-KTP, portrait and signature, and perform a video call with BCA’s CSO. Once it’s done, you will get an email notification sent to your email address.

Open savings period: 3 – 13 July 2019 

How to get free concert tickets and 50% F&B vouchers (there are 500 vouchers available): Simply provide the email notification from BCA to our on-site officers to get the PIASE 2019 concert ticket. Our officers can be found at these three locations: 

Ticket redemption period: 8 – 13 July 2019

Locations to redeem: 8 – 12 July 2019 (Updated)

  • Nationalism Coffee, Jl. Akses UI No.69 A, Tugu, Cimanggis District, Depok, West Java 16451.
  • Coffee Toffee Bogor, Jl. Pandu Raya No. 84, Tegal Gundil, North Bogor District, Bogor, West Java 16152
  • Kopi Nyai, Jl. Percetakan I No.41, RT.5/RW.4, Kramat Pela, Kebayoran Baru District, South Jakarta, Special Capital Region of Jakarta 12130

Location to redeem on D-Day (13 July 2019): ITC’s Rooftop, Jalan Margonda Raya Depok. 

Easy, isn’t it? Come on, open your account now! 

For further information, please contact PIASE - ph. 081381226820/082276844040

(This event is presented by BCA X in collaboration with Kampus Gunadarma)

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