Posted On : 27-05-2019

Make Your Dreams Come True with TAHAKA BCA!

Jadiin Wacana Jadi Nyata Dengan TAHAKA BCA!

Do you have a dream to continue your education, buy a new gadget, or travel to your dream destinations? All is possible as long as you are #BeraniKomit (loosely translate to #DareToCommit) to term savings with TAHAKA BCA.

Tell us your dreams in the form and grab the chance to win Shopee shopping vouchers worth Rp50,000. Prior to filling out the form, please read carefully the terms and conditions below.

  • Indonesian Citizen (WNI).
  • Residing within the territory of the Republic of Indonesia
  • Have a valid identity card (Student Card/KTP/SIM/Passport)
  • 1 (one) e-mail user and phone number can only participate once

  • Form can only be filled from 27 – 30 May 2019.
  • 152 lucky winners will get a Rp50,000 shopping voucher each.
  • Winner confirmation and shopping voucher codes will be emailed between 1 – 8 June 2019.
  • Determination of the winners will be conducted through a judging system by BCA’s internal team in accordance with the applicable Terms and Conditions of the Competition.
  • Judging process will be done in private. Judges’ decision shall be final, cannot be contested and no correspondence will be entered into.
  • Winners will receive a confirmation email containing the shopping voucher code, which will be sent on 22 May 2019 by the Halo BCA team.

  1. The competition does not apply to all employees of BCA, advertisement agencies, and other third parties related to the implementation of the said competition, including their family members or anyone from the administration or other matters in connection with the competition.
  2. sole and exclusive right to use them in accordance with promotional interests including, but not limited to advertisements, billboards, printed, or digital promotional materials, and so on.
  3. BCA is, in its sole discretion, entitled to disqualify any participant or winner who do not meet and/or violate and/or suspected of committing a fraud to this provision. BCA reserves the right to change and/or modify the terms and conditions of the competition from time to time with or without prior notice.
  4. All materials included and entered into the competition become the property of BCA exclusively, and BCA reserves all the rights to use the materials according to BCA’s interests.
  5. Prizes cannot be transferred, exchanged, or cashed out.
  6. If the participant does not provide honest and reliable personal data, any form of consequences arising is the sole responsibility of the said participant and BCA reserves the right to cancel their award.
  7. The operation of the competition follows the applicable legal provisions in Indonesia.
  8. If for any reason the awarding of the prize cannot proceed as planned, BCA reserves the right to modify the provision of the prize that is equivalent of the advertised prize.
  9. Participants who partake in the competition are free of charge. Participants are expected to be cautious in the event of fraudulent attempts by asking for fees/taxes related to the competition.
  10. BCA, as the organizer, reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of the competition.
  11. For further information, please contact Goodlife BCA official Facebook fan page and Twitter account at and


No Name Email
1 Abaa Biila
2 adinda namira
3 Adistya Utami Putri Yuswandy
4 Aditya destiawanto
5 Ae Abdurohman
6 Agung Dariel Andika
7 Agustin Maulinda
8 Aldiansyah Nova Perdana
9 Alfan Azizi
10 Alvian kurniawan
11 Alvian kurniawan
12 Anastasya Fauzianti
13 anastasya hutapea
15 Ani
16 Anita
17 Arinda Anantu
18 Arinda Anantu
19 Ariz
20 Aroel Gusmel
21 Asriseptiani
23 Ayu Syifa salsabilla
24 Bella avirtha wulandari
25 Benedicto Aurelius Kurniawan
26 betari anisa
27 Boas Aditya Christian
28 Charla leslyvera
29 Chita Aiza Noviana
30 Christo Alfonso P
31 Clarissa Hutama Putri
32 Claudia Calista
33 Dadan Priyadi
34 Dadan Priyadi
35 Daniel Alexander
36 Daning febriyana
37 Deni riyanto
38 Denok novitasari
39 devi septriana sari
40 dian ika safitri
41 Dinda citra oktariani
42 Dini Nur Seviani
43 Donna bella
44 Ebon sieberena
45 Eis Ika Sri Wahyuni
46 Eka Prasetyo Ariefin
48 Eltendi Dhirgan
49 Eni kaeni
51 Eva oktaviani
52 Falul chaerunisa
53 Fariz Subarkah
54 fenny marselli
55 Ferina ramadhani
56 Finandy ari hardianto
57 Fithry Annisaa
58 Floren
59 Freddi Kurniawan
60 Friko gamaliel
61 Gaby
62 Ganang adi wijaya
63 Guruh Satria Hernando
64 I made antara
65 Ika sundari
66 Ilham Syaiful Akbar
67 indriana puspa dini
68 Innes Fitria sari
69 Intan pertiwi
70 Isni Aryanti Agustin
71 Ivan Nurvalah
72 Iviani
73 Ivon wahyuni
74 Janhsen
75 Jemmy Risman
76 Jenny
77 Juliana Sijabat
78 Kartika Nur Herliana
79 Khoirunnisa
80 Krismon margaresta
81 Leily Purnamasari
82 Louise Indah Utami
83 M Arief Rahman
84 Maria Serevika
85 Melisah rossadi
86 Melly
87 Mochammad giannov
88 Muhammad ali
89 Muhammad Iklassul Darmawan
90 Muhammad Rafly
91 Muhammad Rizaldi
92 Nabila Kalfisara Mahandini
93 Nabila Saufika Arbuana
94 Nadia Visa Gola
95 Nadya Feliza Hati Hs
96 Naufal Hanif Ramadhan
97 nenti siti sofiah
98 Nia Octaverina
99 Niken Swasti Widyasmara
100 Nina Triawati
101 Nora Christina Sanga Hutapea
102 Novelia simaremare
103 Nurul Diantika
104 Ogi Purnomo
105 Pebriani Lutfia
106 Pepy Indrawati
107 Pingki indri oktavia
109 Putri Fadillah
110 Putri Salsabillah
111 qadri nurdiansyah
112 Qurasih Ainun Nurul Ussamah
113 rafiska nurinda alfiantika
114 Reyhan Fahreza
115 Rezki Wahyu Meidayanti
116 Ria Metaliza
117 Rian Abdul Kholik
118 Ridwan Febriansyah
119 Rizki Ananda Putri
120 Saddam Hussein
121 Samuel
122 Sandi mahendra lubis
123 Selvi Andayani
124 Sepina Kartika Sari
125 Shelvy
126 Soraya Betsyeba Abrillia
127 Sri Novita Harlenny
128 Sudarmanto
129 Tamara
130 Tania ulva
131 Tiara Indah Sari
132 Tiara Maharani
133 Tjie Putra
134 Tri sarijantiani
135 Trya Monica Nurviani
136 Valentina Maharani
137 Verna tantriana
138 Veronica
139 Vian Mulyani
140 Wahyu anggraeni
141 William Wijaya
142 winda marya loysa
143 Winda Pangesti
144 Wiwik Ida Yanti
145 Yetti Cipta Vinanti
146 Yohanna megaria malonda
147 Yola meilani
149 Yulianna sutanto
150 Zaen Maulani
151 Zakyah
152 Zeni Puteri Simangunsong

Stay alert to possible fraud on behalf of BCA. If you notice any suspicious activity, please immediately contact Halo BCA at 1500888 or Twitter @HaloBCA

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