Posted On : 10-05-2019

Share Your Ramadan Story and Bring Home the Motorbike!

Ceritakan Kisah Ramadan-mu, dan Samber Hadiah Motornya!

Writing can be one of the productive alternative activities in the holy month of Ramadan. Not only does it help you reducing gossip, but also enhance your focus on your writing.

Event better, you have the chance to win attractive prizes and a motorbike! Let’s join the Samber (Satu Ramadan Bercerita – Ramadan Storytelling) program organized by Kompasiana and BCA with the theme Spread the Wisdom of Ramadan.

It is easy to join. The program is open to anyone but you have to register to be a Kompasiana member (Kompasianer) here. You must write one article in Kompasiana according to the different topic that’s set daily for 33 days (during Ramadan and Eid al-Fitri, 6 May until 7 June 2019).

Make sure your article doesn’t exceed 1,500 words. And then share the article to your social media pages (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram) and mention Kompasiana account and @bankBCA to widen your audience for a bigger chance to win the prize!

To win the prize, you are challenged to write an article with different pre-determined topics every day throughout the fasting month. Besides the regular topics, there is also a Mystery Topic, which will be notified 2 days prior through Kompasiana’s social media pages.


Category Prize
Grand Prize 1 Unit of Motorbike
Mystery Challenge 1-6 @Rp1,000,000 for 12 winners (there will be 2 winners for every Mystery Topic)
Additional Prize 1 Cellphone
1 Mirrorless Camera
Cash @Rp 500.000 for two winners
  • Participants have been registered as members of Kompasiana (Kompasianer). If you have not registered, please register first at
  • Each Kompasianer is required to write one article in Kompasiana according to a topic that has been determined differently every day.
  • The writing piece submitted is new, original (not someone else's work or the result of plagiarism), and not being contested elsewhere.
  • Content does not violate the Kompasiana Terms and Conditions .
  • Once published, the Moderator Team will lock your article. Once locked, you cannot make any changes to the article. This is implemented in order to maintain and uphold the sportsmanship of the participants. For full information, please read on Kompasiana page.

6 May 2019: These are my dreams during Ramadan 2019!
7 May 2019: Tips for maintaining stamina at the beginning of the fasting month
8 May 2019: Stay Alert on financial fraud during Ramadan
9 May 2019: Ramadan Traditions from various regions of Indonesia
10 May 2019: Tips to reduce single use plastic products in Ramadan
11 May 2019: Mystery topic 1 (stay tune on Kompasiana’s InstagramTwitter, and Facebook page)
12 Mei 2019: Video report: The fun of hunting your favorite takjil
13 Mei 2019: Healthy and #AntiRibet (loosely translates to ‘not complicated’) recipe for sahur
14 Mei 2019: Pro Cons: giving alms on the street
15 Mei 2019: Mystery topic 2 (stay tune on Kompasiana’s InstagramTwitter, and Facebook page)
16 Mei 2019: Recommended tourist hotspots in the fasting month
17 Mei 2019: Maintain a clean conscience for a full month on social media
18 Mei 2019: Mystery topic 3 (stay tune on Kompasiana’s InstagramTwitter, and Facebook page)
19 Mei 2019: Report: New entrepreneurs in the fasting month who utilize BCAmobile.
Other topics will be released periodically at the THR microsite.

Let’s share your beautiful and inspiring Ramadan story through this program.

for futher information, please click here. Or contact Rifa Mawaddah (AE Kompasiana), email:,Phone: 08118862103. Or contact Halo BCA 1500888 or simply mention us at Twitter account @HaloBCA.

Article Recomendation
Who would have thought that sending remittance could give you a chance to win a prize?
Saving money has become a habit in nowadays societ, be it done traditionally (piggy bank, etc) or through a modern method such as bilyet deposit.
Being a part of the digital generation who cares about financial inclusion,
The development of today’s digital world has made social media one of the most popular marketing tools and platforms.