Posted On : 10-12-2018

Transfer Chinese Yuan Seamlessly with Remittance BCA

Permudah Bisnis dengan Yuan Remittance BCA

Do you have business with China and need a convenient payment process? Remittance BCA provides Yuan Remittance, money transfer service in China Yuan (CNH) currency.

With Yuan Remittance you will get various benefits. Transfer CNH around the world will be faster, easier, and safer. You can do full amount transfer with very competitive rates and fees. This is one of the solutions for your business transaction.

Terms and regulations for Yuan Remittance transaction are:

  • Sender and beneficiary full name can be individuals or corporations. For individual customers, the name should be same as printed on the valid ID document, while for corporate customers should use their account registered name.
  • Sender and beneficiary address should be completed by unit number, street, city, country and zip code. The address cannot be PO Box number. For individual customers who do not have residential address, can provide the address as printed on their valid ID document.
  • Information of SWIFT or CNAPS (China National Advance Payment System) code should be included.
  • Beneficiary bank address should be correct, accurate and completed by the city and the province name in China.
  • For individual beneficiary in China, it is mandatory to include Chinese character and local ID number or the sender can provides a photocopy of individual beneficiary’s ID (transaction only at the branch).
  • For company beneficiary in China, it should be listed in RMB Trade Settlement Enterprises.
  • Transfer to individual is mandatory to add full amount fee.

Get the benefits of convenient and competitive CNH rates by using Yuan Remittance BCA.

For further information, please visit the nearest BCA branch office or call Halo BCA 1500888 or simply mention to our Twitter account: @HaloBCA

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