Posted On : 29-10-2018

Secure and Trusted Investment with ST-002

Investasi Aman dan Terpercaya melalui ST-002

When it comes to making investment, one should always consider their financial capacity, especially if you have a steady monthly income and financial condition. As a potential investor, you must be smart in selecting a secure, reliable investment, one that you can obtain from a trusted distributed partner.

The Bank BCA is once again entrusted to be the Distributing Partner to market the SBSN, Sukuk Tabungan ST-002, issued by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia. The ST-002 will be sold in the market from 1-22 November 2018, with a minimum transaction of Rp1,000,000 per unit, and a maximum order of 3,000 units or equal to Rp3 B.

The ST-002, which reaches its maturity on 10 November 2020, is a scripless securities and cannot be traded, cannot be liquidated or disbursed until it reaches its maturity date, except during the early redemption period.

For those who are interested in ST-002, order can be done online via an electronic system, namely KlikBCA Individu.

As in other bond purchases conducted through an electronic system, prior to placing an order, you must meet the following requirements, including having a KlikBCA Individu, a Single Investor Identification (SID) registered with BCA, a Sub-Registry or a securities savings account, and a savings account to receive yield/coupons. For those who previously purchased bonds at BCA, you can proceed to registration and place an order at Individu.

However, in case you have not or if there’s any requirement you fail to meet, please contact your nearest BCA office, all KCU or KCP, with a designated Prioritas lounge. Once you met all the conditions, please proceed to registration via KlikBCA Individu and you can now place an order.

There are many benefits the ST-002 has to offer. Besides feeling secure about it, you will also get a competitive monthly yield/coupons. And you also have indirectly helped and participated in national development.

Find out more about the Sukuk Tabungan ST-002 at your nearest BCA Office. For more information, please contact Halo BCA 1500888 or simply mention us at Twitter account @HaloBCA by using the hashtag #JadiLebihBijak.

For further information about the ST-002, please view here.

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