Posted On : 26-10-2018

Open Tahapan Berjangka with Ease via KlikBCA

Buka Rekening Tahapan Berjangka Makin Mudah via KlikBCA

Do you have future plans and want to soon realize them? If yes, open the Tahapan Berjangka savings account. Along with the rapid innovation and technology, the Bank BCA provides ease and the convenience of opening Tahapan Berjangka savings account.

Today, you no longer need to go to BCA branch office to open Tahapan Berjangka. Simply connect to KlikBCA Individu and you can open a Tahapan Berjangka savings account. All that’s needed is a commitment to keep your funds on deposit in your main account.

Do you want to know how ? It is easy to do. Log in to KlikBCA Individu and select Pembukaan Rekening on the menu. Then, select Tahapan Berjangka and fill out the form, including the source account for the fund, desired routine deposit, time period, and date of auto debit.

Please ensure that you have entered correct information before submitting. Once done, it’s time to make your commitment a reality.

Tahapan Berjangka is aimed at individuals with routine deposits of fixed amount and time period. With monthly deposit starts from Rp500,000 (multiples of Rp50,000), you can realize your plan within 12 months up to 240 months.

Wait no more! Realize your dream by opening Tahapan Berjangka via KlikBCA Individu. For further information, please contact Halo BCA 1500888 or simply mention us at Twitter account @HaloBCA by using hashtag #BeraniKomit.

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