Posted On : 26-09-2018

You Can Now Check Transactions and Block Credit Card through Phone App

Cek Transaksi Hingga Blokir Kartu Kredit Kini Bisa di Aplikasi Ponsel

Credit card usage in Indonesia has increasingly become widespread. It is an impact of the development of e-Commerce and shifting patterns of public spending. In the past, you have to check your transactions manually and now it can be done easily through smartphones.

Many banking companies continue to innovate to provide customers with convenience and comfort, including PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA). BCA continues to provide ease of transactions for customers, especially its credit card holders.

Understanding how smartphones have become an inseparable part of our lives, BCA has then added a variety of features on the BCA mobile app to facilitate Credit Card BCA holders. You can download the application on Android PlayStore or Apple AppStore to enjoy the benefits.

You can access these additional features once your BCA Credit Card connected to the BCA mobile app. Simply go to m-Admin menu and select register on the Credit Card Connection option. Once you done it, your credit card will be connected automatically. And, what are the benefits?

Card Activation
For first time credit card holders, you must activate your card. Now, you can perform the activation process through BCA mobile.

PIN Activation
Besides card activation, now you can also activate, create, and change your PIN through BCA mobile app.

Checking e-Statement
With this feature, you can send requests to activate the e-Statement service and change password.

Request an Increase Limit
The process of requesting a limit increase for your credit card can also now be done through BCA mobile.

Checking Your BCA Balance Reward
The feature will make it easier for you to check the reward points you’ve accumulated.

Block Your Credit Card
In a case of credit card loss, you can use the feature to block your credit card directly through the BCA mobile app.

Control Your Credit Card
With this feature, you can use determine whether or you will use the credit card locally or internationally.

Many benefits, right? Connect your BCA Credit Card to BCA mobile and enjoy the ease!

Source: Smart-money

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