Posted On : 20-09-2018

Smooth Investment with New Systematic Investment Feature (Auto-Subscription)

Investasi Lancar dengan Fitur Baru Investasi Berkala (Auto-Subscription)

Most people want to routinely save certain percentage of their income for future benefits. However, there’s always a lot of hassle where you can’t always go to the bank to save money or purchase an investment product. Understanding these needs, BCA offers ease of an auto-subscription feature for the purchase of Mutual Fund products.

This Mutual Fund auto-subscription feature is an automated systematic purchase of Mutual Fund Participation Units. The funds invested wil be automatically debited from your savings account every month according to the stipulated amount and time period you choose. The feature will certainly help you pay your monthly contribution easily and smoothly.

However, the automated payment can only be debited from a registered SID Mutual Fund savings account, including the currency used for the Mutual Fund product.

Please note, the auto-debit process can be done through various BCA accounts at anytime. Thus, the feature is not applicable to savings account such as Deposit, TabunganKu, Tahaka, Simpel, Rekening Dana Nasabah (RDN), Joint Account, Virtual Account, or other types of savings account in which automated payment cannot be performed.

Easy, isn’t it? Let’s enjoy the auto-subscription feature for a more sustainable investment and brighter future.

For further information, please contact Halo BCA 1500888 or simply mention us at Twitter account @HaloBCA.

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