Posted On : 04-09-2018

20% Discount for Mutual Funds Investment

There certainly are many ways to realize your dreams, including through investment. Of the various investments offered, you have to choose the right one, according to financial needs and is also beneficial.

Understanding these needs, the Bank BCA launched the “Semarak Investasi 2018” program for Mutual Funds products. During the 23 July–31 December 2018 period, you are entitled to get a 20% discount on the Subscription fee for a minimum purchase of Rp10,000,000 or USD10,000.

The Semarak Investasi 2018 program applies specifically to the following Mutual Fund products:

No. Product’s Name Type of Products
1 Danareksa Gebyar Indonesia II Fixed Income
2 Makara Prima Fixed Income
3 Nikko Gebyar Indonesia Dua Fixed Income
4 Panin Gebyar Indonesia II Fixed Income
5 Schroder Dana Mantap Plus II Fixed Income
6 Schroder Prestasi Gebyar Indonesia II Fixed Income
7 BNP Paribas Prima USD Fixed Income
8 Schroder USD Bond Fund Fixed Income
9 Schroder Dana Terpadu II Mix
10 Schroder Syariah Balanced Fund Mix
11 Ashmore Dana Ekuitas Nusantara Stock
12 Ashmore Dana Progresif Nusantara Stock
13 Batavia Dana Stock Stock
14 Batavia Dana Stock Optimal Stock
15 BNP Paribas Ekuitas Stock
16 BNP Paribas Pesona Stock
17 BNP Paribas Pesona Syariah Stock
18 Danareksa Mawar Konsumer 10 Stock
19 Schroder Dana Prestasi Stock
20 Schroder Dana Prestasi Plus Stock
21 Schroder 90 Plus Equity Fund Stock
22 BNP Paribas Cakra Syariah USD Stock
23 Schroder Global Sharia Equity Fund (USD) Stock

You can obtain various benefits during the offering period. So, what are you waiting for? For those interested in investing in Mutual Funds, please visit the following page  and make sure you have read the Fund Fact Sheet and Prospectus of the Mutual Fund product of your choice. And therefore, you’ll be more thorough in devising your investment strategies.

As information, Mutual Fund is a product of capital market, and BCA acts as a Selling Agent. BCA and the Investment Manager who manage the funds are registered with, and overseen by the OJK.

For more information, please contact Halo BCA 1500888 or simply mention us at Twitter account @HaloBCA.

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