Posted On : 23-08-2018

Saving for Hajj, Do It From Now

Menabung untuk Haji, Ayo Mulai Sejak Dini

For Muslims, the Hajj is the fifth and final pillar of Islam. Most people perform Hajj when they have sufficient money for the expenses because Hajj trip is relatively costly. Meanwhile, if you’re planning Hajj trip at early age, the possibility to perform the pilgrim may come sooner and less expensive.  

If you’re still hesitate, below is the advantages of saving for Hajj at an early age.

Hajj Waiting List

It is common knowledge that the waiting list for the Hajj pilgrimage is indeed very long. It can be up to 9 to 27 years depending on your province of origin. However, if you already started saving at a young age, once you have sufficient fund for the pilgrim, you can then proceed to register and get a waiting list number. At least, you can perform Hajj when you are still physically strong.

Intent of Worship

If you start saving at a young age, your intention of performing hajj will stand unchanged. This is because once you know the date of departure, you can plan accordingly. This include deepen your knowledge on hajj related activities such as manasik and other technical preparations.

Easier to Manage Finance

If you have started saving for Hajj, it means you have specifically allocated it in your monthly expenses. In turn, managing your finances will become easier.

Preparing funds for the Hajj can now be done at BCA Syariah. Since the beginning of this year, the Hajj Fund Management Agency (BPKH) has appointed BCA Syariah as the Depository Bank for Hajj Pilgrimage Fund (BPS BPIH) for the category of commercial bank for deposit, placement and investment partner.

“In the middle of this year, BCA Syariah has been connected to the Hajj Integrated Computerized Systems (Siskohat) of the Ministry of Religious Affairs. BCA Syariah implements gradual Hajj Deposit Services in branch networks,” said President Direcotr of BCA Syariah John Kosasih.

BCA Syariah offers the Tahapan Mabrur iB as a solution for Hajj and Umra preparation. It provides various conveniences including: free administrative fees, light initial deposit, opening a savings account is valid for people of all ages, and free to choose the type of deposit – flexible or scheduled. The Tahapan Mabrur iB is supported by mobile e-channel services and BCA Syariah internet banking.

“For the initial stage, we are targeting for the infrastructure with an integrated SISKOHAT system and the services we provide to our customers can work well in all branch offices,” added Direktur BCA Syariah Houda Muljanti. “BCA Syariah branches can receive deposits. In the future, we also plan to consolidate with PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA) for office channeling to enable customers to make deposit payments through BCA’s branch networks,” ended Houda.

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