Posted On : 21-08-2018

Productive Sectors Boost BCA Syariah Net Profit Growth

Sektor Ini Jadi Andalan BCA Syariah Dorong Pertumbuhan Laba Bersih

All companies always set to achieve a long-term profitable growth. However, without a careful and precise planning, it is impossible to achieve that goal. Thanks to its continued application of careful and prudent banking, PT Bank BCA Syariah (BCA Syariah) managed to record a positive growth.

As of the first semester of 2018, BCA Syariah recorded a significant performance growth, in which it recorded net profit of Rp25.21 billion acquired in first-half of 2018. The number rose by 25.23% from Rp20.13 billion in first-half of 2017.

President Director of BCA Syariah John Kosasih said that the realization of financing that reached Rp4.71 trillion or increased by 21.33% year on year (YoY) becomes the main support for the corporate’s growth. In line with financing growth, the company’s third-party funding also grew by 21.81% from Rp4.24 trillion to Rp5.17 trillion.

BCA Syariah’s assets in first-half of 2018 also rose by 18.6% to Rp6.4 trillion compared to the same period in previous year of Rp5.4 trillion. Furthermore, John explained that the productive sector is a contributor to the distribution of financing of 97% of the total financing.

The remaining 3% is in the consumption sector. "Of the productive sectors, 77.69% is commercial financing. We are still focusing on distributing financing in the productive sectors, especially in commercial industry, followed by MSMEs and consumers,” said John not too long ago.

According to John, he focuses on disbursement of financing for the productive sectors because the potential and demands in the said sectors continue to increase. In the past year, the portion of BCA Syariah’s commercial financing rose by 5.59% from 72.1% to 77.69%. In nominal terms, commercial financing grew by 30.73% YoY to Rp3.66 trillion. John is optimistic that the company can record financing growth of 10-15% by the end of year, with growth in financing and third-party funding in 15-20% range, and profit growth in 20% range.

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