Posted On : 13-08-2018

Fill Up with Shell Fuel, Bring Home BMW 320i Sport

Isi Shell Sukses Bawa Pulang BMW 320i Sport

The Buy Shell Fuel and Win the Prize program to win 1 (one) BMW 320i Sport, a collaboration of the Bank BCA and Shell, has ended. The winner is a textile businessman from Bandung Handoko Kadarusman.

During the handing over of the prize at BMW Thamrin, Jakarta, Monday (6/8), Handoko shared that since he knew about the Buy Shell Win the Prize program, he immediately took part in the program.

“I work in textile in industry, so I involved all of my expeditions to fill up with Shell fuel, from trucks, office operational cars, including my private and family cars,”

Determined to be able to bring home a BMW, Handoko always fills up full fuel for each vehicle. As the condition specified in the program is valid for a minimum purchase of 30 liters.

As a customer of Prioritas BCA’s Kopo and Asia Afrika branches in Bandung, BCA’s products have greatly helped Handoko, especially BCA’s Credit Card. He often uses these credit cards daily, including when traveling abroad.

"For day-to-day transactions, I always use credit cards. I also know that there are rewards provided by BCA for performing transactions using these cards. However, I have never seen how many points have been accumulated. But, with a credit card, I can monitor the usage and expenses every month,” added Handoko.

Isi Shell Sukses Bawa Pulang BMW 320i Sport

Ratna Anggraini, Fuels Category Manager Shell (second left), Handoko Kadarusman (center), Christiana Indrajanti, Manager Business Consumer Card Center BCA (third right), and Triyono Susanto, Sales Supervisor BMW Thamrin were posing together

This is not the first collaboration between BCA and Shell, because previously, there were also BCA Cashback Reward program and Special Prices for Shell Merchandise with BCA Reward Redemption. So, what are waiting for? Always use your BCA Credit Card, Debit BCA, and Flazz card. Get a variety of promos available and try your luck! You might be the winner!

For further information, please contact Halo BCA 1500888 or simply mention us at Twitter account @HaloBCA.

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