Posted On : 26-06-2018

Sakuku: How to Split the Bills the Millennial Style (5-End)

Hanging out with friends is indeed fun. Sharing laughter, catching up with each other’s lives, building business together or even a simple dining out. And usually, in times like these, splitting bills are usually done.

However, splitting bills is traditionally paid in cash. And sometimes, to collect and count the money could be a hassle, too. Therefore, you can do it in a more millennial fashion, which of course more practical.

Take advantage of Sakuku, an e-money app from PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA). With this app, splitting bills can be done more easily by using the Split Bill feature. In addition, it’s also easy to split where counting the nominal of cash is no longer necessary.

Remember, you can download the app on PlayStore for Android or AppStore for Apple and try the Split Bill feature.

In addition, using Sakuku also comes with benefits. You can get discounts for food and drinks.

Are you still unsure of using Sakuku?

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