Posted On : 22-06-2018

Sakuku: Try Going Out Wallet-Free for Once

Carrying a wallet is truly essential for everyone, as they convey greater part of their important data, such as ATM cards, ID card, cash, and other cards. However, why not try going out without a wallet and see what happens.

For some people, it may incite panic. But, for those who are not afraid of facing challenges, you may want to try this. The first step you can do is download an application that can support it.

For an instance, download Sakuku on Android PlayStore or Apple AppStore to facilitate your transactions. Thus, you can remain feeling confident and safe when going out cashless. With the Sakuku app from PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA), you can perform transactions either in an online or offline shop. In addition, if you wish to withdraw cash, you can also do it with Sakuku. You can perform a cardless withdraw at BCA ATMs, simply use the Sakuku app and select Cash Withdraw and select the nominal you need.

Well, now you can experience how convenient to live wallet-free. To top Sakuku balance, you can do it from the BCA mobile app.

Are you ready to try and experience the ease?

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