Posted On : 22-06-2018

Sakuku: Do You Want to Know How to Ask for Money the “Nowadays Ways”

Money is the most commonly used form of payment. Along with the development of time and technology, forms of currency have undergone several changes. And now, we’ve come to the era of electronic money.

Given the changes in currency forms, the way people ask for money may change, too. To keep pace with the current trend, you can ask for money from your parents or borrow money from a friend the nowadays ways.

You can do it by downloading Sakuku, an electronic app from PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA). The bank app can be downloaded directly on Android PlayStore or Apple Appstore.

With the in-app transfer feature, you can transfer to BCA accounts or other Sakuku users. You can also request money through Sakuku from other Sakuku users. So, regardless of distance and time, you can make and receive transfers anytime.

In addition, this way is also more practical because it doesn’t involve physical money transaction.

Easy isn’t it?

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