Posted On : 07-06-2018

Remember! Prepare Mortgage Payment on Eid al-Fitr Holiday

Ingat! Siapkan Dana Angsuran KPR di Libur Idul Fitri

As Eid al-Fitr holiday approaches, you must be preoccupied with various preparations, be it the homecoming or gathering with all family members. However, regarding the holiday, you should also remember to pay your bills in time.

We hereby would like to remind you, especially those who have mortgage loan with KPR BCA, which will due on June 9-20, 2018, to prepare your mortgage payment as of June 8, 2018, applied to regular debtors. As for the payment, it is advisable to deposit the funds starting on June 7, 2018.

It is important that your payment runs smoothly so you can go about your day worrying about nothing. Especially, during Eid al-Fitr holiday, branch operations will be limited and follows the national holiday.

For further information, please contact Halo BCA 1500888 or simply mention us at Twitter account @HaloBCA.

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