Posted On : 07-06-2018

Sakuku: Need Not to Find Phone Credits Stalls with Sakuku (2)

Sakuku: Tak Perlu Pusing Cari Penjual Pulsa Kalau Ada Sakuku (2)

In the era of interconnectivity today, communication has become a central element in the society. This resulted in an increase number of cellphone users, which automatically bumped up the phone credits usage. However, it is a bit of an effort if you need to go out of the house to buy phone credits.

Catering to the problem, PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA) provides a solution through its Sakuku app that you can download from PlayStore for Android phones or AppStore for Apple users.

With the application, you no longer need to trouble yourself to get out of the house to buy phone credits. Because, all can be done from your smartphone. It will make you feel you’re having your personal credit seller who is always by your side.

Also, you can top up your phone credits, or other numbers or request for credits transfer from another Sakuku user. To top up your own credits, choose ‘isi pulsa saya’ and select the nominal you need.

Then, enter your PIN and your transaction is successful. Check and see the balance has then increased.

Easy, isn’t it?

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