Posted On : 07-06-2018

Sakuku: Easier to Track & Manage Transactions with Electronic Money (1)

Sakuku: Lebih Mudah Lacak & Kelola Transaksi dengan Uang Elektronik (1)

The development of the use of electronic money has increased over the years. Back then, we can only see few shops that accepted electronic payment, and now the number of shops that accept such payment has increased quite drastically.

There are many types of electronic money, one of which uses a quick response code (QR code) technology. This means that you only need to scan your QR code with an application from your smartphone to make payments.

One of the applications you can use is Sakuku from PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA). With this application, you can make various payments, with a lot of shops that now accept this payment type.

Generally, shops that accept payments with data capture machine (EDC) BCA can also accept payments with Sakuku that you can download from Android PlayStore or Apple AppStore.

In addition to ease of payment, you can also enjoy many promotions. Such as a Rp50 thousand discount promo at HokBen for payments with Sakuku until June 30, 2018, without minimum transaction. It’s frugal, practical and keeping your tummy happy.

So, what are you waiting for?

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