Posted On : 14-05-2018

Ease of Investment via KlikBCA Individu

Along with the rapid technological development, making an investment can now be done easily. Instead of coming to the nearest branch offices that provide investment products, now purchasing such products can be easily done online.

You can get investment products online via the Bank BCA, a trusted Distribution Partner to market the government bonds the Retail Saving Bond SBR003, to be offered from the 14th – 25th May 2018. And for the first time, such government bonds can be purchased through KlikBCA Individu.

SBR003 is a retail bond issued by the Indonesian government sold to individuals or Indonesian citizens through a trusted Distribution Partner appointed by the Ministry of Finance for the Republic of Indonesia. These bonds cannot be traded in the secondary market nor can it be redeemed until its maturity date, except during the early redemption phase.

Prior to making purchases, you must first register for KlikBCA Individu. However, please note the following four important things that you must complete prior to registering for KlikBCA Individu:

  • KlikBCA Individu account
  • Single Investor Identification (SID) registered with BCA
  • Sub Registry or saving bond account number
  • Savings account number to receive draw coupons

If you haven’t completed one of the requirements, please visit the nearest BCA branch offices to obtain further information, available in all KCU and KCP BCA with Prioritas designated lounge.

Once completed, you can then place an order of SBR003 through your KlikBCA Individu account. Once the order is submitted, you must proceed with the payment of the product through a number of alternatives of the Bank BCA e-channels, including KlikBCA Individu, ATM BCA or EDC Pajak.

Easy isn’t it? Let’s make your investment online with ease for your future. Register yourself and purchase the government bond SBR003 via KlikBCA Individu.

For further information, please contact Halo BCA 1500888 or simply mention us at Twitter account @HaloBCA by using hashtag #kiniuntuknanti.

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