Posted On : 09-05-2018

GPN to Integrate ATM Interbank Networks

There are many actors in the banking industry, indeed. Hence, it is not unusual for the banks have their own ATMs and also manage their own ATM operations. Of course, it is not efficient nor is it convenient for the users or customers.

The government, represented by Bank Indonesia (BI), also commenced the implementation of the GPN framework, which will then integrate the ATM networks and permits customers to interact with the ATM of non-native banks.

Director of PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA) Santoso sees that the implementation of the GPN framework provides many benefits, such as reducing long queues at ATMs and saving investment costs for the banks.

Today, BCA has approximately 17,500 ATMs. The company’s spending on such investment is quite competitive. The average ATM transaction volume for one ATM BCA stood at 13,500 transactions per month. During peak hours (08.00-20.00), the average transactions at ATM BCA occur every 2.5 minutes.

"If the number [of the transaction] is higher, the longer the queue will be at the ATMs. With the GPN, it’ll reduce the long queue because people can interact with other ATMs," said Santoso. During this time, Santoso admitted, BCA has made a considerable investment to build the network infrastructure, especially the ATM network.

"Previously, BCA had installed ATMs all across the country, which cost a lot. Now, with the GPN, no more competition in infrastructure, but moving towards service and efficiency provided for the customers,” he said.

With the GPN framework, the banks can save on investments in the development of payment system infrastructure. This can be realized because the investment costs borne by all parties.

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