Posted On : 07-05-2018

Benefits of Using GPN Debit Card Will Clear Your Doubts

Dampak Implementasi Sistem GPN Bagi Indonesia

Through Bank Indonesia (BI), the government officially implements the National Payment Gateway (GPN) in Indonesia. The framework system will unite all national banking payment gateways into one interface. So, what are the benefits for users or customers?

The main benefit customers can obtain is that they no longer need to find Electronic Data Capture (EDC) machines issued by their banks because the GPN has put it together.

As a result, customers can now perform transactions on EDC machines issued by any other merchants or banks without any transaction fee. Marking the support and participation of the GPN success, PT Bank Central Asia Tbk issued BCA GPN Passport Cards.

“With this BCA GPN Passport, the efficiency of the payment system can be achieved by sharing the interbank infrastructure in Indonesia, which will certainly promote the independence of the national payment system,” he said at the launching event of BCA GPN Passport Cards at Menara BCA, Jakarta (16/4).

Santoso further explained, the introduction of BCA GPN Passport card is a form of BCA’s commitment to assist the government in optimizing the settlement of domestic transactions. For your information, BCA has prepared three types of cards, namely BCA Debit cards, BCA Platinum Debit cards, and BCA Gold Debit cards.

“BCA aims to issue 2 million BCA GPN Passport cards by the end of 2018. This will have positive effects not only on society but also on industry players and merchants,”

To obtain the new BCA GPN Passport cards, you can visit the nearest BCA branches during business hours.

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