Posted On : 19-04-2018

A Windfall of Meeting David Beckham

Dapat Durian Runtuh Bisa Bertemu David Beckham

Among the football fans, the name David Beckham is no stranger. Many Indonesians idolize this British player for his myriad achievements.

Beckham’s handsome looks also attracted many female fans. A while ago, there are interesting things happening in Indonesia. Partnering with PT AIA FINANCIAL (AIA), the customer of PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA) can directly meet Beckham at the Exclusively David Beckham, a series of David Beckham’s visit in Jakarta, as an AIA Global Brand Ambassador. Together with AIA, David Beckham is here to inspire people to live healthier, longer and better.

As part of the bank’s 61st Anniversary celebration, the Bank BCA provides an opportunity for customers who purchase policies with certain substantiated premiums to take pictures with David Beckham.

From the event, dr. Wempy Supit, Sp.U is one of the participating BCA customers. The young doctor understands the importance of a healthy lifestyle and having insurance. “Insurance is compulsory. It’s a protection of the future, after my first child was born, I bought insurance right away,” he said.

Dapat Durian Runtuh Bisa Bertemu David Beckham

Also participating at the BCA Anniversary celebration, AIA provided a special cash back program for customers who purchase AIA products through Bancassurance BCA. “I don’t waste the opportunity to protect my son until he turns 88 years old,” he said.

Coming from this awareness, Wempy got a windfall, after receiving cash back, he also attended the ‘Meet and Greet with David Beckham’ on 26 March last month.

“Since the beginning of our marriage, my wife and I slowly grew an interest in football. Last year, we also visited Manchester United stadium. I want my children to be healthy (by doing sports) like Beckham who plays football since he was very young,” he concluded

Through the partnership with AIA, BCA is able to provide its customers with protection for the future as well as realizing the dream to meet a former football legend David Beckham.

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