Posted On : 18-04-2018

Promoting Healthy Lifestyle with David Beckham

Kampanyekan Gaya Hidup Sehat Bersama David Beckham

Not too long ago, a football player legend David Beckham visited Indonesia. The legend came here not for a vacation, but this time, he came as an AIA Global Ambassador promoting “What’s Your Why” campaign, with a mission to help Indonesian public to live healthier, longer and better, especially through sports such as football.

Stuart A. Spencer – Group Chief Marketing Officer of AIA Group, said, “AIA and David believe that a healthy lifestyle constitutes a better life. We share the same visions to help people pay more attention to their health and in order to live healthier, longer and better. Our partnership with David is based on the same foundation of determination. David has a strong passion for maintaining and living a healthy lifestyle and AIA’s support for millions of people through comprehensive protection solutions and financial planning products.”

David Beckham – AIA Global Ambassador, said, “I am glad to be part of the “What’s Your Why?” campaign. I hope this campaign can reach the Indonesian people to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I feel blessed that I have the opportunity to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle through my life and career. While having such busy activities, I hope there was a simple cause that can help many families to proactively adopt a healthy lifestyle.”

During his visit in Jakarta, David participated in a number of activities including AIA Sepak Bola untuk Negeri translates to AIA Football for the Nation) and AIA Health Fest as well as the opportunity to meet AIA’s business partners, marketers and customers in a meet & greet event “Exclusively David Beckham”.  The initiative highlights the commitment of AIA and David Beckham to inspire people to live a healthy life.

Vice President Director of PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA) Eugene Keith Galbraith who attended the ‘Meet & Greet with David Beckham’ added, BCA also understands the importance of protection to ensure family life in the future though insurance.

Kampanyekan Gaya Hidup Sehat Bersama David Beckham

“Having a life insurance will be very helpful in providing a sense of security against unexpected risks. Therefore, BCA is committed to fulfill customers’ insurance needs as well as the cooperation with AIA. We are very grateful to have been working with AIA for the last 11 years,” he said.

Eugene believes that the cooperation with AIA can help create protection solutions that can satisfy and meet the customers’ needs in the long run.

Similarly, BCA customer Caroline also realizes the importance of insurance. “I have a complete insurance that covers my whole family. The program (with AIA) is very interesting and by partnering with David Beckham, more people will be interested in buying insurance,” she said.

Through the partnership with AIA, BCA has successfully provided future protection solutions for its Customers and realizes the dream of meeting with David Beckham.

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