Posted On : 11-04-2018

Let’s Find Out Your Investment Risk Profile (2)

Mari Cari Tahu Seperti Apa Profil Risiko Investasimu (2)

Investment can be a means to overcome your biggest enemy in managing finances: inflation. Once you succeed conquering inflation, you will attain almost any future financial goal that you set with ease.

However, there are few important notes you must learn. You have to know your profile investment.  Understanding your profile will help you define and determine the right strategies for finding the appropriate investment product.

“Risk profile is one of the key factors to help you make the right investment choices,” said financial planner of MoneynLove Financial Planning & Consulting Johan Suhadi, quoted from Kontan.

However, generally, there are a number of key factors that can influence a person’s financial risk profile such as age, financial goals, financial condition, term categories, desired returns, and financial knowledge and previous experience with investment.

Based on these factors, Johan said, the risk profile usually fall into three categories.


This type of investor do not like risk and even tend to avoid it. So, basically, a person identified with this type is looking for a stable and safe investment. They accept a lower rate of return.

If a conservative investor is looking into making a long-term investment, the risk is to allocate a large percent of funds to obtain investment value they desire. Investment products fit to this profile include cash and money market products or fixed-income funds or even precious metals funds.


This profile lies between conservative and aggressive. Investors identified with this type want a stable, measured mediocre rate of returns, and tend to accept a risk of losing some of their investment funds.  Losses can kerugian bisa kembali dalam jangka waktu investasi menengah sampai panjang.

Produk investasi yang cocok adalah reksa dana campuran ekuitas dan obligasi, tanpa unsur pasar uang, kemudian reksa dana saham dengan imbal hasil stabil, properti dan logam mulia.


Jenis ini cenderung mementingkan imbal hasil dibanding keamanan investasi. Profil ini sadar betul bahwa ada risiko sangat besar yang ia hadapi. Yakni adanya potential loss yang sama besar dengan nilai investasi akibat harapan mendapat imbal hasil yang lebih tinggi dibanding kerugian di masa datang.

Fokus profil ini adalah mendapat imbal hasil di atas rata-rata. Umumnya, jenis ini juga sudah siap menghadapi volatilitas pasar yang tinggi. Investasi yang cocok untuk jenis ini adalah reksa dana saham, investasi dalam saham langsung, properti dan bisnis.

Jadi, apa profil risiko Anda?

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