Posted On : 04-04-2018

BTM Mal Eases Transactions with EDC BCA

Mal BTM Permudah Transaksi dengan EDC BCA

In order to support the government program towards cashless society or the National Non-Cash Movement (GNNT), it is important to always use electronic money. Not only does this habit should start from yourself, it also requires cooperation with other parties. This is what the Bank BCA and Bogor Trade Mall (BTM) are doing.

With more than 1000 tenants, performing transactions will be easier with Electronic Data Capture (EDC). Therefore, BTM and BCA signed a MoU of Cashless Society Project to provide tenants/owners with EDC BCA, on Sunday (25/3), at Bogor Carnival Run 2018, which was the celebration of BTM 12th anniversary.

Represented by Director of Mall BTM, Samuel Koshan, and Vice President of Development of Transaction Banking Solutions of BCA Liza L Widyasari, this cooperation is expected to provide benefits for both tenants and visitors of BTM.

“The distribution of EDC machines to tenants at BTM is one of BCA’s efforts to encourage and direct people to use a non-cash payment instrument when performing a transaction,” explained Liza.

With EDC BCA, visitors need not to bring cash anymore because all transactions can be settled using Flazz cards, Sakuku, Debit BCA and debit cards issued by other banks.

For more information, please contact Halo BCA 1500888 or simply mention us at Twitter account @HaloBCA.

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