Posted On : 23-03-2018

BCA Syariah Assets Grow Significantly

Aset BCA Syariah Tumbuh Secara Signifikan

The existence of sharia banking is increasingly recognized by the wider community, as evidenced by the growth of sharia banking in general, which indicated a significant increase compared to previous period with market share reaching 5.74%.

Public confidence in BCA Syariah has also increased throughout the year 2017. The total assets of Bank BCA Syariah reached Rp5.9 trillion or increased by 19.3% compared to the same period last year (YoY).

Increased Assets of BCA Syariah is also supported by growth round of financing by 21% to Rp4.2 trillion, Third-Party Funds stood at Rp4.74 trillion or grew by 23.3%. The positive growth has subsequently contributed to an increase in profit during 2017, in which profit before taxes was recorded at Rp62.19 billion or increased by 26.3%.

"Customer trust, shareholders support, and our commitment to provide the best products and service are the foundation of BCA’s solid performance. We are optimistic to achieve the target growth rate of 15-20% in 2018," said John Kosasih, President Director of BCA Syariah at Media Gathering in Jakarta (21/3).

As a commitment to maintain company growth, in the future, BCA Syariah will continuously make strategic efforts to maintain and improve quality and optimum performance, which are demonstrated by improving access to banking services through the expansion of branch networks in 12 cities that include Kediri, Bandar Lampung, Bandung, Solo, Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Medan, Malang and Palembang, making innovations in products and services, as well as improving quality Human Resources.

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