Posted On : 15-03-2018

e-SME Banquet Seminar

Seminar Keduri e-UKM

Are you a business actor who feels uncertain on whether to utilize digital platform to further advance your business? As we all know, the internet and technology have presumably become one of the fundamental staples that facilitates all human activities. Internet users in Indonesia now sit at number one in Southeast Asia. This is a huge opportunity for us business actors to develop e-commerce industry in Indonesia. The rapid growth of online transactions in Indonesia today also provides a significant change in determining marketing strategies utilized by business actors. Therefore, we business actors are required to keep up with the digital marketing communication development and continue to provide payment channels that make transactions easier for customers. 

Addressing these needs, the Bank BCA and IdEA organize “e-SME Banquet” Seminar in several cities in Indonesia on 9 March-9 August 2018. At the event, business actors will have the opportunity to capture a wider market and also to learn how to determine marketing strategies in facing current digital trade challenges, including brand-related knowledge, product quality, communication strategies, and collaboration with various parties that can facilitate the need of transactions anywhere and anytime through an integrated connectivity system in transaction services. 

In addition to that, you will also learn the importance of Google, Facebook and Instagram for a branding process and sales. On the other hand, you will learn about logistics, technology, payment and today’s banking facilities that fit your needs, helping your business grows.

Very useful, isn’t it?

Of course you have an opportunity to attend the seminar for free. There are 10 free tickets worth Rp100,000 distributed by the Bank BCA for the ‘e-SME Banquet’ Seminar in Banjarmasin on 29 March 2018 and Tangerang on 17 April 2018. Simply fill the form FORM KENDURI below:

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