Posted On : 05-03-2018

Bring Home Souvenirs When Opening Tahapan Berjangka Savings Account

Bawa Pulang Souvenir Saat Buka Tahapan Berjangka

Everyone must have a dream, be it taking your parents on a trip out of town, buying something special for your loved ones, pampering yourself with a trip out of town or even abroad, or preps  to get married, a house down payment, to the preparation for early childhood education and so forth. Your commitment can be realized through Tahapan Berjangka from the Bank BCA.

Tahapan Berjangka is a savings product that is aimed at individuals with routine deposits of fixed amount and time period. With minimum monthly deposit starting from Rp500,000, in addition to realizing your dreams, Tahapan Berjangka also comes with the benefit of life insurance for you.

Starting from 26 February 2018, attractive souvenirs are available when opening Tahapan Berjangka savings account with minimum deposit of Rp1,000,000 and a period of 24 months. The program applies nationwide.

Jangka waktu menabung Tahapan Berjangka has a minimum account period of 12 months and maximum of 240 months, with autodebit monthly deposits will be deducted from Tahapan, Tahapan Gold, Tahapan Xpresi, or Tapres BCA savings account.

You can also perform a simulation to find out the amount of funds collected with maturity period of your selection here

Realize your dreams with Tahapan Berjangka savings account and bring home the souvenirs. For further information please contact Halo BCA 1500888 or simply mention us at Twitter account @HaloBCA.

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