Posted On : 13-02-2018

The Key to Successful Business Transformation Lies on Employee Management

Kunci Sukses Transformasi Bisnis Terletak Pada Pengelolaan Karyawan

As a business leader, one of your responsibilities is to develop and build a solid teamwork for business development. As a large company, PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA) is a successful company in that regard. 

President Director of BCA Jahja Setiaatmadja does not hesitate to reveal his secrets so that other leaders can follow his track in managing their employees. One of them is by making a personal approach to each employee. 

"During my visit to other cities, I always have two mandatory agenda. First is to meet with branch head. The second is to meet the employees, especially back-office employees, tellers, or customer service personnel. The meeting is not to talk about work, but rather a casual conversation or taking pictures,” said Jahja at the launching of Game Changing, Transformasi BCA 1990-2007 recently. 

Being an exemplary model, according to Jahja, is one of the keys to his success in leading BCA. He said that his exemplary leadership is often imitated by the team he leads. Building personal attachment with employees, he added, will make them feel honored, which, in turn, rewarded in their loyalty. 

Furthermore, Jahja also talked about the pattern of employee recruitment in the company he leads. 

"We have to see how their attitude from the beginning. Despite the given training and team work development, if the basic characteristic of our employee candidates is already stiff, it will make it harder,” he continued. 

Treating employees of the younger generation (millennial), he continued, is also very different from the baby boomer generation. The millennial employees not only need a decent salary and benefits, “They are more concerned with self-fulfillment,” he said.

Kunci Sukses Transformasi Bisnis Terletak Pada Pengelolaan Karyawan

Also attending the launching of Game Changing: Transformasi BCA 1990-2007 was Deputy President Director of BCA 2002-2007 Ir. Aswin Wirjadi who talked about many factors that contribute to success, especially at BCA.

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